Compliance Management simplified: Leighton O’Brien to showcase fuel management solutions at NTC 2022


Compliance Management simplified: Leighton O’Brien to showcase fuel management solutions at NTC 2022

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National Tanks Conference NTC - Leighton O'Brien - Meet us at Booth 105
National Tanks Conference NTC – Leighton O’Brien – Meet us at Booth 105


As a compliance manager, how do you quickly fix what wasn’t planned for, such as leaks, compliance-driven maintenance events or when an inspector turns up on-site?

Staying in compliance is not easy. Indeed, according to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, in 2021 only 57.8% of UST facilities were in compliance with all technical compliance rate categories.

During National Tanks Conference (NTC), Leighton O’Brien will be showcasing its full range of technologies to help fuel retailers centralize and simplify their approach to compliance management.

Introducing iHUB, a cloud-based fuel management platform for all your wetstock, compliance, alarm and inventory management needs.

iHUB not only simplifies and centralizes compliance reporting but features customized workflows and analytics to understand exactly what happened and escalate priority alarms to avoid any fines or site shutdowns. This means more proactive and efficient compliance management, reduced site impact and lower maintenance spending.

iHUB provides a full suite of compliance tools in one place providing comprehensive network visibility through some of its key modules: iComply, iAlert & iMaintain.

iComply: Features tools to collect crucial data across multiple areas of compliance to ensure your sites exceed environmental regulations, such as Inventory Variance, Event Tracker, Compliance Management and SIR fuel loss monitoring.

iAlert: Tools to allow fuel retailers to resolve or reduce events that can impact daily operations, with configurable workflows to minimise the duration and impact of alarms that could threaten compliance and site uptime. It includes Alarm Management, ATG Change Management & Flow Rate.

iMaintain: Tools to track fuel assets including tanks, pumps, equipment and dispensers from a maintenance standpoint and to meet compliance requirements. It also houses integrity testing and fuel cleaning results.

The entire iHUB suite also features iReplenish & iAnalyze, making it the one platform to centralise ALL your forecourt operations.

When it comes to testing, in the United States we provide UST leak detection technologies through more than 30 partners. During NTC, we’ll be showcasing our Compliance Plus testing platform providing fast, accurate, digitally verified results for tank, line, sump and leak detector testing.

Compliance Plus integrates 3 best-in-class technologies into a single-source digital platform, bringing the UST compliance testing market into the digital age.

Dri-sump testing in particular has gained strong traction as a better alternative to conventional hydrostatic testing. It uses no water, creates zero waste and will find leaks other water-based methods can’t, quicker, more accurately and conveniently.

According to our records, containment sumps fail at a rate of over 3%, based on a sample of 14,000 tests over 18 months. Why would you leave a weak point in your fuel system component up to inferior test methods?

The 27th National Tanks Conference will take place September 13-15 at the Wyndham Grand in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Visitors to booth #105 can expect to see firsthand Leighton O’Brien’s solutions and access to software and technology demonstrations to show the value – and difference – compared to older technologies.

Get in touch to arrange a meeting or schedule a demo at National Tanks Conference to experience for yourself how iHUB can boost your performance and simplify compliance management by emailing and

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