Reinventing fuel management: Leighton O’Brien to showcase iHUB platform at NACS/PEI show 2022


Reinventing fuel management: Leighton O’Brien to showcase iHUB platform at NACS/PEI show 2022

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iHUB - Fuel Management Software reinvented - Leighton O'Brien
iHUB – Fuel Management Software reinvented – Leighton O’Brien

Orlando, Florida – 30 August, 2022 – Leading global SaaS fuel analytics and technology provider Leighton O’Brien will be showcasing the industry’s most advanced, comprehensive and versatile fuel management software, Intelligence Hub, at NACS/PEI show 2022.

iHUB software platform collects and centralizes real-time data to provide insights and workflows across all mission critical areas of fuel management including Environmental Compliance, Alarm Management, Supply Chain Logistics and Fuel Asset Management. It enables fuel retailers to proactively manage their end-to-end fuel business more efficiently, effectively and profitably.

At PEI, visitors can see first hand the seamless integration of iHUB’s iAlert and iComply tools to understand the cause of ATG alarms, with configurable workflows to minimise the duration and impact of alarms that could threaten compliance and site uptime.

In addition, iComply also features Event Tracker with customizable notifications, workflows and reporting to track compliance events such as testing, permits, inspections, NOVs, with easy integration with third party test vendors.

“Over the last 12 months the customer response to iHUB has been incredibly exciting,” said Leighton O’Brien Chief Revenue Officer Angela Wisdom. “We know fuel executives are required to do more with less and are often using multiple vendors and logging into multiple systems to manage all aspects of their fuel supply chain.

“iHUB removes this friction and drastically reduces IT system and operating costs by integrating all solutions onto a single platform to see, act and resolve a myriad of operational issues and better manage their fuel network.

“Whether it be keeping stores wet, staying on top of compliance, reducing false alarms, truck rolls and fuel write-offs to forecasting optimal delivery times, knowing when a delivery has occurred and ensuring you receive what you paid for, iHUB can help automate and manage all these requirements under one consolidated view.

“In addition, site data can be ingested in virtually any format, is calculated in real time and available 24/7 via the cloud from any device,” she said.​ “iHUB also easily interfaces via API with other systems including ERP, asset management, maintenance and work order systems.”

Visitors to Leighton O’Brien’s booth #7107 in the Fuel Equipment & Services exhibit hall can receive an iHUB demo featuring:

  • iAlert: Tools to resolve or reduce events that can impact daily operations. iAlert features AI capabilities to filter out false/low priority alarms and workflows to escalate high priority alarms for issues resolution, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring maximum site uptime.
  • iComply: Tools to automate release detection results and reporting from an ATG to meet regulatory requirements, with configurable workflows and event tracking to manage testing, permits, inspections and NOVs in one place. Also features SIR fuel loss monitoring.
  • iReplenish: Tools providing network inventory visibility, fuel demand projections and automated, accurate order forecasting, delivery order tracking, contract and allocation management and BOL reconciliation.
  • iAnalyze: Advanced analytics and workflows to optimise fuel site performance by pinpointing exact causes of fuel loss, create reliable tank charts and detect drifting meters.
  • iMaintain: Tools to track fuel assets including tanks, pumps, equipment and dispensers from a maintenance standpoint and to meet compliance requirements. It also houses integrity testing and fuel cleaning results.

“If you’re feeling frustration with your existing software provider, we’d encourage you visit our booth and experience for yourself the difference our iHUB solution will make to perform even better in your role and achieve higher ROI for your business.”

Leighton O’Brien will also be showcasing Compliance Plus, which provides fast, accurate, digital compliance testing for tank, lines, containment sumps and leak detectors.

“Dri-sump testing in particular has gained strong traction as a better alternative to conventional hydrostatic testing,” Ms Wisdom said. “It makes sump containment testing (required every 3 years) quick and easy as it uses no water and creates zero waste.”

Get in touch to arrange a meeting or schedule a demo at NACS/PEI show to see how iHUB can enhance and automate your fuel supply chain operations by emailing or

View the event floor plan View our online showroom

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