Fuel Replenishment

Ensure your sites receive the right amount of fuel at the right time

Precise inventory forecasting to schedule optimal delivery timeframes

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fuel replenishment software showing average consumption by hour and ATG history

Take control of your inventory management

Keeping track of your fuel inventory, understanding consumption trends and reviewing delivery plans to avoid costly run-outs is the holy grail for today’s fuel manager.

But in ever changing market conditions affecting supply and demand, even the best laid fuel plans can go awry. Leighton O’Brien’s fuel replenishment cloud software accurately forecasts future demand, constantly monitors delivery windows and eliminates unknown outages through proactive warnings – allowing corrective action before problems occur.

Our software enables you to scale as your network grows, with exception-based alerts to delivery risks, maximising staff productivity and automating your fuel replenishment operations.

Fuel replenishment software showing inventory map and runout stamp

Avoid runouts and retains

Our forecasting feature automates processing of sales data with custom IP that leverages six weeks of weighted sales data, ignoring anomalous patterns to predict real time demand.

Our forecasting tool continually operates in the background, evaluating planned deliveries against the tank’s real time forecast until the delivery occurs.

While preventing outages is the goal, in reality they can happen. If an outage occurs, our software isolates the duration and estimated impact on lost sales.

How it works

iHUB video - What are the biggest challenges in managing Fuel Networks

Features & benefits

Network-level inventory visibility
  • Realtime overview across all sites of inventory levels, alarms & deliveries
  • Visualisation tool featuring map overview of day’s supply for all sites
  • Filters that account for a range of conditions that may disrupt supply
  • Verify if your fuel supply strategy is working to make more informed decisions
Precise demand forecasting
  • Runout & retain projections to avoid excess carrier fees and poor customer experience
  • Maintain the right fuel volumes at all times, optimizing working capital
  • Alerts to scheduled deliveries outside retain/runout window
  • Supports direct fuel ordering or carrier managed review
Testing End to end digital platform
Flexible data collection options
  • File ingestion: you provide data in your format
  • Direct IP polling: we connect to your ATG directly over the internet
  • Cloud-enabled data collection device at each site
  • VPN networks can have a single data collection device installed

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Fuel replenishment

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