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Westock Live

Reduce fuel variance, increase profitability

It takes 25 litres of fuel sales to recover 1 litre of fuel loss. Knowing and reducing sources of fuel variance is critical to maximizing your fuel revenue.

Wetstock Live is a realtime wetstock management solution that helps you reduce fuel losses by 10% – 32% by accurately pinpointing where and why fuel is lost including leaks, theft, evaporation, short deliveries and drifting meters.

Wetstock Live provides significant return on investment by providing data-driven insights into resolving the most critical issues that have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

It’s the industry’s leading wetstock management platform with the deepest IP for continuous leak and loss detection, equipment maintenance and enhanced efficiency for retail operations.

Wetstock Live QTA leak

Enhance network compliance with accurate leak detection

Ensuring every site in your network is environmentally compliant is always top of mind for fuel managers.

Wetstock Live provides a singular management software platform to maximize compliance and meet required state or federal reporting obligations.

Our solution is independently certified as the most accurate wetstock management solution, with a leak detection threshold of 0.05 gallons (0.189 litres) per hour.

Wetstock Live’s analytics identifies leakage faster and more accurately at lower rates of detection via unique smart alarms including sudden loss, short term analysis and quiet time assessment which identifies fuel loss during non-sales hours.

Wetstock Live pump flow rate

Protect your customer experience & your brand

When customers pull up to your pumps you want to ensure they can get high quality, fast flowing fuel and the amount they paid for.

Wetstock Live maximizes the customer forecourt experience with smart alarms that detect slowing pump flow rates, possible fuel contamination via stuck ATG probes and water in tanks, and potential runouts through real-time inventory visibility.

Wetstock Live

Validate every single delivery

When it comes to fuel deliveries, ensuring you get what you paid for is key to profitable wetstock management.

Wetstock Live analyses delivery events to precisely quantify the volume of fuel that was received from your carrier to 0.3% accuracy. With supplier delivery data, reported volumes can be validated against what was received in the tank, removing metering and administrative errors and temperature effects.

Wetstock Live

Improve tank gauge accuracy for real issues detection

Seventy per cent of fuel systems globally have a tank chart calibration error of 1% or greater creating false variances, false fail results and wasted costs.

Accurate measurement of inventory (getting every ATG accurate to 0.3%) is the foundation of optimum wetstock management.

Our tank calibration feature drastically improves data quality by identifying, measuring and removing the impact of gauge errors on data, resulting in more accurate fuel loss analysis, fewer false alarms and operational cost reduction.

How it works

Wetstock Live video

Multiple leak detection methods

Sudden loss alarms

Immediate detection of sudden fuel loss regardless of the time of day (out of hours or during trading hours)

Short term analysis

Reviews trends between a half day to 14-day period, alarming to levels of loss across different periods to action losses immediately.

UST Testing save time
Quiet time assessment

Anytime a tank is ‘quiet’ without sales for 3 or more hours, a release detection test is performed to detect losses from the liquid levels of the tank, identifying pilferage and leaks.

Equipment performance

Meter drift analysis

Detect losses from meters to reduce the risk of meter drift, minimizing daily losses and meters operating outside legal thresholds.

Dispenser performance

Live detection of dispenser flow rate reductions to protect the customer experience and boost profitability by identifying under performing pumps.

ATG accuracy

Live and ongoing assessment of ATG accuracy for all brands.

Smart alarms & workflows

Real water alarms

Smart live alarms that filter out false water alarms with root cause analysis to manage water issues before they affect operations, particularly for biofuels and ULSD.

Alarm workflows

We have industry leading smart alarm workflows that are validated with proprietary logic applied to determine the priority and which stakeholders to alert.

One network, one view

Our iHUB platform provides a comprehensive suite of reports to meet legislative requirements, KPI performance reporting and assist with investigation workflows.

“Circle K sells fuel in more than 8,000 sites across North America and Europe. As a company we are committed to being best-in-class for fuel services and provide an easy fueling experience for our customers. It includes taking full responsibility over environmental risks, fuel quality and customer experience during our site visits. We are able to achieve this using Leighton O'Brien's Wetstock Live tool to monitor fuel system performance to limit risks concerning fuel. Enhanced algorithms this tool can provide to our data enables data analytics and targeted alarming for leakages, theft or equipment issues, reducing manual work over via data pattern analytics, providing insight into our fuel loss analysis.”

Lāsma Strautmane, Director of Wetstock Management
Circle K

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