Compliance Plus

Reduce site downtime & lower leak risk

A single source UST compliance testing solution for tanks, lines, containment sumps and leak detectors.

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Fast. Accurate. Digital.

Tank, line, sump and line-leak testing remain critical components in ensuring that a leaking UST system cannot damage the environment or hamper the overall viability of a retail fueling site.

Compliance Plus brings the UST compliance testing market into the digital age with the industry’s most comprehensive, convenient, fast and accurate testing solution.

It integrates 3 best-in-class technologies into a single-source digital platform including:

  • Leighton O’Brien’s precision integrity tank and line test
  • Dri-sump®, a faster and more convenient alternative to hydrostatic containment testing
  • Vaporless Manufacturing Inc.’s LDT-890D/AF leak detector test, the only certified test for all catastrophic leak detectors.

Compliance Plus’ digital signature verifies that the tests have been performed correctly in accordance with EPA standards.

Because you really need to know that you’re truly compliant.

Compliance Plus Dri-sump fog

Dri-sump containment tightness test

  • EPA approved containment-tightness testing technology
  • Uses lasers and aerosol fog to find and pinpoint leaks. A laser dot results in a pass, whereas as laser line results in a fail.
  • Spill buckets, under dispenser containment and STP sumps can all be tested in 60 seconds
  • Does not use water and creates zero waste
  • Regulatory acceptance in 49 states
  • Now comes factory installed with Bravo UDC sumps
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Leighton O'Brien testing technology

Leighton O’Brien precision tank & line test

  • US EPA certified
  • The world’s fastest, most accurate line leak detection
  • Can perform both pressure & vacuum testing & all line conditions can be tested
  • Wet line test is 17.5 mins, dry line is 3 mins
  • Third party engineer-reviewed results not left to technicians to declare a Pass or Fail
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Vaporless testing

Vaporless line leak detector test

  • Can test any manufacturer’s pipe
  • Test times take 7 – 10 minutes
  • Certified to test all catastrophic line leak detectors
  • Variable orifice to dial in a true 3 gph leak at 10 psi for any viscosity product
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Features & benefits

Save time and money
  • More site uptime during testing with faster test methods
  • No additional fees are incurred for disposal or water removal for containment testing
Testing - Lower leak risk
Lower leak risk
  • A consistent, reliable technology solution, ensuring test accuracy, quality and repeatability
Testing EPA Compliance
Digitally verified EPA compliance
  • Provides digital verification before a leak detector is replaced
  • Supports onsite testing with live volumetric leak rate and central analysis for a declared result
Testing End to end digital platform
End to end digital platform
  • Comprehensive cloud based test platform: equipment, software, analysis and reporting with digital oversight on quality and results

How it works

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Digitally-verified testing technologies are changing the paradigm in UST testing, ensuring verified compliance with all EPA regulation as well as reducing site downtime and lowering leak risk.

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