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Increasing environmental regulation, forecourt automation, optimizing fuel management and providing a great customer experience is driving significant growth of our fuel replenishment, compliance monitoring, integrity testing and fuel restoration solutions.

Leighton O’Brien and our global partner network are uniquely positioned to help your customers operate safely, efficiently and profitably.

Today, 81 partners in over 30 countries license our fuel management software and precision UST testing and fuel restoration technology platforms.

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Program benefits

Synergistic revenue stream

Generate additional revenue and grow sales by offering a one-stop-shop for compliance testing, service, maintenance, installation and fuel quality management.

Solve customer problems

Expand your expertise that customers rely on for asset lifecycle management including reduced tank integrity, leak and contamination risk.

Technology leadership & innovation

Our end-to-end digital testing and cleaning platforms lead the industry for accuracy, speed and patented innovation, resulting in exceptional customer outcomes.

Faster time to value

For 20 years our UST risk management solutions have been proven in markets globally. We can fast-track your testing and cleaning investment with a comprehensive program including training, certification, sales and marketing support and safety management systems.

Trusted by customers worldwide

We have strong relationships with international retail and convenience store networks who trust our technologies to manage their fuel storage tank and UST compliance requirements.

Consistent approach

Becoming part of our distributor network enables you to offer a consistent technology approach for your national customers and gain intelligence on the risk profile of their network.

Engagement model:

Licensed Field Technologies Partner
We provide:
  • Technology (tank, line, containment, leak detector test equipment or cleaning system)
  • Technician training, certification & ongoing support
  • Data analysis & reporting
  • Marketing expertise & network coordination
  • Insurance coverage
  • Safety management systems & audit programs
Partner provides:
  • Local customer base & relationships
  • Field labor
  • Vehicles & tools
  • Support for marketing campaigns & sales bids
  • Liability insurance for field actions

“We were attracted to Leighton O’Brien because their cleaning system was already proven in markets globally. Combined with our fuel chemistry knowledge, their process helps us to build trust with our customers. The partnership has allowed us to add a complementary, high value service to our offering. Cleaning is a very strategic part of our business and an attractive tool in our toolbox.”

Chris Biellier, Vice President, Environmental & Waste Solutions Divisions & Strategic Partnerships
Seneca Companies

“Our partnership with Leighton O’Brien has allowed us to grow our business in Asia by broadening our services portfolio through their patented fuel cleaning and restoration system. Our customers benefit from their advanced technologies which doesn't require manned entry, providing for safe, fast and effective cleaning procedures with the least fuel losses for operators.”

Omar Mohamed Said, Managing Director
Flowco Malaysia

“Holbrook Environmental has been a Leighton O’Brien partner for 10 years. They are a worldwide leader in their field, providing the best tank tightness testing technology. We also use their pre bury post bury system. I have seen the benefit of this many times, finding the slightest of leaks before system components are buried. Their third party data review is valuable to eliminate technician errors on site, and their technical support is excellent.”

Steve Holbrook, President
Holbrook Environmental

“GEMS is a proud partner of Leighton O’Brien. We conduct integrity testing across all regions of India in compliance with CPCB guidelines. We were attracted to Leighton O’Brien through their broad product offering in addition to the support they offer their partners. The fact that GEMS has been able to continue our business with major OMC’s despite the impact of COVID19 is testament to their support. Our customers are looking forward to continued expansion of Leighton O’Brien solutions into India.”

Sukhjit Singh, AGM Business Development
General Energy Management Systems Pvt. Ltd
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