What are the biggest challenges when managing fuel networks? Watch the iHUB video


What are the biggest challenges when managing fuel networks? Watch the iHUB video

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What are the biggest challenges when managing fuel networks?
How do fuel retailers balance supply and demand?
How do they react to sudden shifts in demand?


Fuel management is hard and time-consuming. Understanding what’s happening in real-time in terms of consumption and forecasting is critical in order to avoid runouts, lost sales and poor customer experience.

At Leighton O’Brien, we make this easier for you! Join Amr Sadek, our Regional Sales Director for MEA on this video where he explains all the benefits of iHUB, our fuel management platform.  iHUB can predict your fuel demand and fuel inventory, enabling you to make better decisions by taking in AI and machine learning technology.

In this first episode, Amr addresses the module about Inventory & Forecasting and guides us through a demo explaining the different functionalities and features available within this module.


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