Fuel Restoration & Tank Cleaning

Keep your customers coming back with pristine fuel quality

The industry’s most advanced fuel polishing system to restore your fuel and tank back to optimal condition

Prevent water-induced fuel contamination

Poor fuel quality and tank health can have a major impact on your fueling operations. Water and low sulfur fuels create biological growth leading to rapid corrosion of multiple UST system components and equipment.

Our research reveals 36% of USTs have some form of contamination at the bottom of the tank. Moreover, a US EPA study found 83% of ultra-low sulfur diesel tanks showed moderate to severe corrosion – with 25% of tank owners unaware of the problem prior to inspection.

You don’t want to leave it to your customers to complain of engine failure from contaminated fuel or stand at the pump longer than they need to due to slow flowing pumps from clogged filters and malfunctioning equipment.

Leighton O’Brien provides the most comprehensive solution for removing contamination and free water and restoring fuel quality.

Advanced Cleaning Process

Protect your UST investment with world-class cleaning technology

Our patented* fuel restoration technology is the industry’s most advanced solution saving you thousands in lost fuel and expensive repairs.

Global fuel retailers trust our best-in-class fuel polishing system to restore phase separated fuel to dry and correct octane levels, address bacterial contamination issues, manage ongoing fuel quality programs and provide fuel sampling to thousands of underground storage tanks.

*US Fuel Cleaning Patent No. 8,753,451

Resolve fuel quality issues

Water ingress

Water is the catalyst or poor fuel quality. Our system removes water by sweeping the entire tank floor and pumps it into a holding tank to settle. Fuel is treated and returned to the UST.

Phase separation

Our solution removes free water and remediates the remaining phase of fuel separation to a saleable condition. The fuel is restored to a refinery specification – saving thousands of dollars in not having to dump your fuel.

Microbial contamination

Common fuel microbes grow in the water/fuel interface or in sludge on the tank floor. Our system removes 100% of the microbial growth and the environment in which it can flourish, preventing Microbial Influenced Corrosion (MIC).

Degrading diesel

Our diesel fuel polishing system reconditions and restores aged, degraded diesel from your generator to on-specification fuel giving you peace of mind knowing your back-up generator will work if an emergency strikes.


Our difference

Patented technology
  • We have the only solution with a patented holding tank – meaning 100% of fuel is returned to the underground fuel tank after cleaning
  • Our fuel cleaning process does not spread or disperse particulates, sediment, fungi or bacteria
  • We restore ethanol drop affected fuel into sellable condition
Cost effective
  • Our system produces the least amount of waste per clean, reducing both waste disposal charges and filter costs while not driving away with customers’ fuel
  • Cleaning usually takes just a day and ~80% of sites remain open – saving lost revenue both inside and outside your store
Partner service excellence
  • Our licensed service partners offer proactive programs, pricing, digital reports and a flexible service
  • All partners meet lead cleaner and safety helper certification requirements and operate to the highest industry safety standards

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