Trust & Security

Our commitment to security

More than 1,200 customers rely on Leighton O’Brien’s solutions to provide best-in-class compliance monitoring & testing, inventory management and fuel restoration.

As a Leighton O’Brien customer, you are protected by our multi-tiered security measures procedures.

Customers trust Leighton O’Brien to meet strict requirements around security, compliance, availability and performance.


We are committed to protecting the privacy of our and our partners’ customers’ data and preventing unauthorized access.

We protect your data with encryption in transit and at rest and provide administrative controls to increase protection from unauthorized access such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), strong passwords and least privileged access.

Through the use of automatic and manual systems, practices and procedures we are continuously monitoring our solutions to prevent security threats and unauthorized access to your data.

Continuous improvements and regular updates help us to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Diane Jackson Leighton O'Brien

Availability & reliability

Our solutions are designed for high performance and availability and built on best-in-class core technologies, such as AWS, so your organization can scale confidently and securely.

We maintain high levels of availability with data hosted across multiple zones and access to geographically diverse hosting locations.