Connect with Leighton O’Brien’s team at Pacific Fuels and Convenience Summit


Connect with Leighton O’Brien’s team at Pacific Fuels and Convenience Summit

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Joy Milam, US Sales Director & Seb Kachoei, US Sr Sales Manager at Leighton O’Brien will be attending Pacific Fuels and Convenience Summit (PFCS), California’s largest event for the petroleum and convenience store industry organized by California Fuels & Convenience Alliance, CFCA.

During the show, they will be showcasing Leighton O’Brien’s solutions to help fuel retailers meet the State of California regulatory requirements, stay compliant and avoid site disruptions.

If you are a Californian fuel retailer and have experienced site downtime or NOVs from failing to accurately manage or escalate alarms, read on. We have exciting insights for you on easy-to-implement cloud software that can help you auto-escalate alarms to prevent shutdowns.

iHUB: See, act and resolve compliance issues in one place 

iHUB is an industry-leading cloud platform providing centralized, real-time data, insights and workflows across all mission-critical areas of fuel management including Environmental Compliance, Alarm Management, Supply Chain Logistics, Fuel Replenishment and Asset Management.

iHUB integrates all your data into one portal, giving you comprehensive visibility and providing actionable insights so you can concentrate on what really needs your attention.
With configurable workflows and event tracking, it’s the one place to manage testing, permits, inspections and NOVs.


Some of the beneficial features for Californian fuel retailers include:

iAlert – Alarm Management:

80% of ATG alarms are false requiring no action at site, which generates noise and inability to focus on the alarms that really matter. Alarm management features AI capabilities to determine the validity of each alarm and filters out false/low priority alarms with workflows to escalate high priority alarms for issues resolution.

One example of this in California could be water alarms. Especially during the rainy season, if a wire is exposed, there may be a sensor or probe out alarm flickering multiple times in in the same minute. The issue is clearly water hitting the exposed wire or a faulty probe. A lot of systems do not filter this noise, so instead of a guided alarm that depicts to check hardware and wiring, customers get inundated with hundreds if not thousands of alerts.

Having a tool in place to reduce false alarms and ensure only valid alarms are escalated for action is key to effective remote site management and reduced maintenance costs.

Also, to meet regulatory requirements in California, fuel retailers need to monitor In-Station Diagnostic (ISD) alarms. Failing to resolve these issues timely can cause sites to automatically shutdown, directly impacting operations and sales. iHUB tools provide full visibility, auto-escalation, and remote access to diagnose and help resolve ISD alarms before they impact operations.

A common alarm would be a Degrade Collect Alarm which has a 7-day timeline if not resolved. Often maintenance teams get busy reacting to more priority alarms and these fall through the crack, so having an auto-escalate function prior to the 7-day duration helps prevent avoidable shutdowns.

ATG Change Management:

This easy-to-use tool enables users to take control of their ATG programming. It verifies critical ATG settings that can impact alarms, compliance and fuel supply and features a simple roll-back function for any unauthorized changes, avoiding fines and saving you heaps of time and money.

Flow Rate Monitoring:

Customers don’t want to wait or lose time at the pump. Indeed, slow flowing pumps is one of their biggest complaints. Through iHUB we can monitor your site’s flow rates and ensure live detection of slow-flowing dispensers or nozzle down. This way, fuel retailers can get alerts in real-time to ensure that customers are having a good experience at the pump while avoiding lost sales or damaged reputation.

Event Tracker:

This tool provides access to customizable notifications, workflows and reporting to track compliance events such as testing, permits, inspections, NOVs, with easy integration with third-party test vendors.


Compliance Plus: Fast, accurate, digital

Compliance Plus brings the UST compliance testing market into the digital age with the industry’s most comprehensive, convenient, fast and accurate testing solution.

It includes three best-in-class testing technologies into a single-source platform for tank and line, containment and leak detector testing required to meet EPA regulations.

One of the technologies, Dri-Sump Containment Tightness Test, uses lasers and aerosol fog to find leaks in all types of sumps and spill buckets. EPA-accepted in 49 states (including California) Dri-sump delivers digitally recorded pinpoint testing accuracy to 0.05 gph in just 60 seconds.

Diagram: End to end digital UST compliance testing platform
Diagram: End to end digital UST compliance testing platform
Let’s connect!

If you’re attending Pacific Fuels and Convenience Summit (PFCS) and would like to connect with our team or find out more about our solutions, please email or

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