Remote Fuel Monitoring

A key industry challenge is interpreting huge volumes of data from various sources at site. Sales transactions, tank gauge stock readings, ATG alarms, delivery data – it can be overwhelming and often leads to wasteful spend and inefficiencies chasing down potential issues.

Leighton O’Brien has 25 years’ expertise providing a data-driven remote fuel monitoring system to help you proactively and profitably manage your fuel network.

We offer remote fuel tank monitoring for petrol tanks and diesel tanks. With the industry’s most experienced data scientists, wetstock analysts and Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) experts that analyse data to identify trends and understand exactly what’s happening in your underground storage network.

Every minute we monitor millions of gallons/litres of fuel for more than 900 customers around the globe.

Our remote fuel monitoring portfolio provides deep insight and value by identifying and providing workflows to resolve the most critical issues that have the biggest impact on your bottom line and customer experience.

Through realtime wetstock, alarm and compliance monitoring of your network, you can reduce risk and fuel loss, maximize compliance and scale and automate your fueling operations.

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Leighton O'Brien iHUB Monitoring

Features & benefits

Reduce fuel loss

Understanding where and how you’re losing fuel is key to reducing accounting write offs and lost revenue. Our loss monitoring solutions detect real losses fast and accurately, whether it be leaks, theft, short deliveries or meter drift, for quick and efficient action at site.

Testing EPA Compliance
Stay in compliance

Rest easy knowing your network is compliant. Our certified compliance monitoring software can detect leaks as small as 0.05 gallons per hour (0.189 litres per hour) with greater than 99.6% accuracy and reduce cost through fewer investigations.

Reduce false alarms

Our alarm monitoring software features AI capabilities to determine the validity of each alarm and filters out false alarms, reducing maintenance costs. We offer a 24/7 service option to triage, respond and escalate alarms on your behalf.

Drive ROI

Our solutions drive a quantifiable return on investment from fuel loss and false alarm reduction, targeted maintenance activity and improvement in equipment performance. Cost avoidance based on increases in staff efficiencies and prolonging the life of your UST with alerts to integrity issues also boosts overall ROI.

Our monitoring solutions

Wetstock Live

Our wetstock intelligence solution provides realtime, unified visibility into all elements of wetstock for continuous leak detection, optimised maintenance spend and enhanced operational efficiencies.

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Alarm Management

Alarm Management applies smart alarm logic to automatically triage and remove 80% of false alarms to reduce maintenance costs while escalating critical alarms that could impact site operations.  

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Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR)

SIR helps you simplify and maximize environmental compliance with certified leak and loss detection software.

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