Fuel Replenishment

Carrying too much fuel inventory ties up working capital while a runout or retain can wreak havoc on your fueling operations, customer experience and profitability.

A lack of visibility in up-to-the-minute inventory levels and delivery schedules across your network makes it difficult to accurately forecast future demand and optimal delivery windows amid ever changing conditions that could impact supply.

Leighton O’Brien’s Fuel Replenishment software optimizes your replenishment operations with realtime data and insights to project future sales and evaluate changing delivery schedules.

It provides early warnings via alerts to planned deliveries outside runout or retain windows, allowing corrective action to be taken before an outage or delivery issue occurs.

Our intuitive software facilitates better control of inventory management and improved forecasting abilities, avoiding costly delivery risks and balancing supply volumes.

Features & benefits

Forecast precisely

Our software automates historical sales pattern trend review to accurately predict realtime demand to pinpoint delivery windows.

Prevent site disruption

Minimize runout and retains that can lead to overfills, cross contamination, extra costs and site shutdown.

Proactively manage replenishment

Quickly act on alerts to unplanned deliveries or potential outages before it becomes a problem, incurring extra costs.

Our replenishment solution

Fuel Replenishment 

Our Inventory & Forecasting solution provides live inventory visibility and forecasting to project optimal delivery timeframes, evaluate changing fuel plans and eliminate unknown outages. 

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