Tank & Line Testing

Avoid leaking underground storage tanks and EPA fines

UST fuel leak detection for fast, accurate, digitally verified results

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Tank and line testing fuel leak detection

Stay in compliance with the world’s most accurate tightness test

While UST systems are out of sight, they cannot be out of mind.

One small, undetected leak can become one big problem for UST owners and operators. Lines especially are the most vulnerable part of a UST system, with 70% of all leaks occurring in line fittings, welds and joints.

The US EPA estimates the average cleanup cost at a fouled fueling site is $130,000. And costs to remediate leaks that affect groundwater supply can range from $100,000 to $1 million.

When it comes to fuel leak detection, accuracy matters. Leighton O’Brien’s precision tank and line test is the fastest, most accurate method of fuel leak detection. There is no leak scenario our test method cannot detect.

Our dry line test is certified to a leak rate of 0.025 gph – 400% more accurate than required US EPA requirements – protecting the integrity of your fuel system including the most miniscule leak.

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Fuel leak detection - TACS app pass and fail

Enjoy peace of mind knowing every test is digitally verified

In the compliance testing market, there’s a huge difference in the quality, accuracy and validity of underground leak detection testing.

Traditional testing systems use outdated, analog technology that relies on a technician to declare a PASS or FAIL result.

Our digital testing solution changes the paradigm in integrity testing. It is the only test platform that digitally captures test results which are then uploaded to the cloud for analysis by qualified engineers.

The digital signature verifies that the tests have been performed correctly in accordance with EPA standards, ensuring verified compliance for every single test.

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End-to-end digital testing platform

Fuel leak detection - End-to-end digital testing platform

Features & benefits

Tank test
  • US EPA certified as the most accurate underground tank test globally
  • Certified test time is 67 minutes
  • Uses multiple differential pressure sensors for automated mass readings
  • Tests tank and line at the same time
  • Tests the interstice as part of the tank test
  • Can test all tank types at any fill level with any product
  • Instant feedback to technicians, inc. live leak rate
  • All readings are digitally stored and centrally analyzed by qualified engineers
Line test
  • Fastest and most accurate US EPA certified test – 3 minutes of data required for an empty line, 17 minutes for a wet line test
  • Volumetric test that can perform both pressure and vacuum testing
  • All line conditions can be tested including dry, wet and partially wet lines
  • Certified for all pipe manufacturers including steel, plastic, single and double walled
  • Readings are digitally recorded, stored centrally and analysis completed by engineers

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Tank and line testing video showing fuel leak detection

“Leighton O’Brien is the global benchmark for EPA certified integrity test methods. It’s a proven, world-class solution that enables us to lead market standards. With many ageing, single wall steel tanks in the ground, their technology assists us to help our customers assess the life of their tanks, operate safely and protect the environment.”

Khawaja Fakhar Hasan, Senior Sales & Business Development Manager
Fuel & Lube Co. (Tamkeen), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“A lot of the commercial buildings we service are in the CBD, above tank streams and waterways with bulk diesel tanks holding anywhere from 5,000 to 50,000 litres of fuel. The risk to the environment is always a major concern. Mitigating that risk is a priority for all Building Managers. Leighton O’Brien provides solutions for these issues and their site technicians have a wealth of practical knowledge and experience. When it comes to integrity testing of bulk fuel tanks, they won’t stop until they locate and fix any fuel system issues uncovered during testing.”

Simon Newman, Managing Director
Premo Fuel Maintenance Pty Ltd

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