Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR / SIRA)

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Compliance monitoring & reporting made easy

As a fuel retailer, one of your most critical and in many markets, legal, responsibilities is ensuring adequate release detection of your fuel systems to avoid leaks into the environment.

Our Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) solution sets the industry standard for leak detection and fuel loss monitoring.

Using statistical trend analysis, we apply more than 80 algorithms over daily inventory, sales and delivery data to provide a certified monthly compliance result including a PASS, FAIL or INCONCLUSIVE.

Our fuel reconciliation software and investigation services provide insight into what is causing abnormal fuel loss and inventory variance as well as historical trend reporting and tracking of investigations through to resolution.

SIR is more than just compliance. It’s a way to identify and reduce fuel losses, better manage equipment maintenance and increase profitability.

Statistical Inventory Reconciliation - daily weekly monthly reporting

Find the smallest leaks, earlier, for peace of mind

When it comes to leak detection, accuracy matters. Our SIR software is certified as being more accurate than the leak detection capabilities of most ATGs and the highest statistical confidence in finding real issues.

US EPA-certified as the most accurate release detection method, our SIR solution can detect leaks as small as 0.05 gallons per hour (0.189 litres per hour) with greater than 99.6% accuracy.

This means higher probability of generating conclusive results including more PASS results, fewer false FAILS and reduced cost through fewer investigations.

Features & benefits

Testing - Lower leak risk
Minimize environmental risk

Through centralised ongoing fuel loss monitoring and leak detection, SIR significantly reduces the risk of fuel leaks causing contamination of soil and groundwater.

Fuel loss reduction

It takes 25 liters of fuel sales to recover 1 liter of fuel loss. SIR can more quickly identify the physical loss of fuel, diagnose the cause and reduce the magnitude of fuel loss.

Simple compliance reporting

We can process accurate SIR results with only 26 days of data which is critical in meeting compliance reporting requirements.

Tank gauge calibration

ATGs are frequently out of calibration by +/- 1% or more, potentially masking issues in your fuel system. Our software identifies and corrects the error to detect real losses and diagnose potential issues such as pump mapping errors, delivery volume issues, and poor wetstock control practices.

Brand protection

In a digital age where a brand’s reputation can be damaged in seconds, you can’t afford to risk potential fuel leaks – particularly for sites near sensitive areas such as schools and hospitals.

Unmatched analytics and intelligence

We apply more than 80 algorithms to comprehensively screen your data, providing a highly accurate representation of what’s happening in your tank system.

Improved data quality

Our SIR program assists clients to identify and smooth out data quality issues which not only hides potential operational problems such as equipment and strapping chart errors but unacceptable fuel losses.

Frequent analysis periods

Our analysis can be tailored to your budget and risk profile. Our popular SIR package Is Daily Weekly Monthly whereby we screen systems for losses daily, conduct weekly analysis and provide monthly reports.

Unparalleled experience

Our analysis expertise is based on decades of experience in understanding fuel system characteristics and fuel types and knowledge from monitoring more than 60,000 fuel systems worldwide.

“Leighton O’Brien has been a long-standing and reliable service provider to ensure ongoing compliance to meet required obligations. We are confident that any leaks are picked up along with our internal investigation process. We trust their expertise and they provide high quality, comprehensive reports.”

Dimitrios Andrianopoulos, Operations Manager
AA Holdings Pty Ltd

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