Fuel Restoration & Tank Cleaning

Fuel is the lifeblood of your business. If your fuel quality and underground tank in which it is stored isn’t properly maintained, it can have a huge impact on sales, your operations and your reputation.

Industry research reveals 20% of customers are loyal to their c-store brand due to product quality. Poor fuel quality can also drastically affect your fuel system, equipment integrity and asset lifespan.

There’s a direct correlation between fuel quality and maintenance practices – in particular, preventing water from entering your tank.

If you’ve asked yourself before, ‘Why is the condition of my tank so bad?’ or ‘How is water getting in?’, it’s time to take a more proactive approach to your fuel quality management.

Fuel contamination is a preventable issue. The best way to protect your fuel supply is prevent the environment that allows contamination to flourish.

Leighton O’Brien is the leading global provider of fuel restoration and tank cleaning solutions. Each year our patented system restores clean fuel to more than 2,500 tanks for fuel retailers and commercial operators including hospitals, data centers, marinas and bulk fuel businesses.

C-stores and oil companies globally trust our best-in-class fuel polishing solution to restore phase separated fuel to dry and correct octane levels, address bacterial contamination issues, clean thousands of underground storage tanks and manage ongoing fuel quality programs.

Features & benefits

Keep customers coming back

Increase customer loyalty with high quality, fast flowing fuel each and every time your customers fill up at the pump.

Stay open while cleaning

The cleaning process usually takes just a day and ~80% of sites remain open – saving lost revenue both inside and outside your store.

Restore 100% of salable fuel

Our solution minimizes waste and remediates fuel to a saleable condition – saving thousands of dollars in not having to dump your fuel.

Reduce maintenance costs

Ensure ongoing fuel quality as part of a preventative maintenance program to stay on top of any issues before they become catastrophic, avoiding emergency repairs and possible site shutdown.

Protect your fuel system investment

Our research reveals 36 per cent of fuel systems are contaminated at the tank bottom. If left untreated it can lead to blocked filters, damaged equipment and tank corrosion.

Ensure fuel supply if emergency strikes

Whether you’re a hospital, data centre or manufacturing plant, our technology can ensure quality fuel supply to power your generator if an emergency strikes.

Our cleaning solutions

Fuel restoration & tank cleaning

The industry’s most advanced tank cleaning system and fuel polishing technology solution to restore your fuel and tank back to optimal condition.

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