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iHUB is a single fuel management platform for all your wetstock, compliance, alarm and inventory management needs

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Intelligence Hub diagram - fuel management platform

One intelligent fuel management platform

We live in a world of big data. As the saying goes, data is the new oil. Accessing consolidated fuel site data across your network to automate and drive profitable activity is the ultimate goal for today’s successful fuel retail manager.

Leighton O’Brien’s new Intelligence Hub – iHUB – brings our solutions onto a single platform for easy access to network-level data so you can make quick decisions that have a positive impact on your operations and customer experience.

iHUB provides a centralized, digitally integrated approach to fuel and asset management using AI and machine learning capabilities.

It enables you to leverage all your environmental compliance, fuel inventory, wetstock and alarm data via a single interface, providing actionable insights at your fingertips.

iReplenish provides real-time inventory visibility across your network and projects future demand to schedule optimal delivery timeframes, by you or your carrier.

The first step in understanding your fuel system is data. This module collects multiple streams of data from ATGs, point of sale, deliveries, bill of lading etc and provides visibility of your data process via a dashboard summary.

Inventory & Forecasting

This module features historical tank usage trends to accurately project real time demand and plan for needed deliveries. It forecasts stock out and stock full dates and times and generates alerts to tanks with potential outages and/or delivery issues before they occur.


Our Logistics module enables users to place fuel orders with easy integration with carriers and supply. The ordering process supports realtime orders, automated ordering and pre-built loads, providing visibility from fuel purchasing to delivery.


Reconciliation provides is an easy-to-use tool for accounting teams to help verify deliveries and a workflow to assist with financial reconciliation of fuel purchases.

iComply modules collect crucial data across multiple areas of compliance to ensure your sites exceed environmental regulations. iComply provides tools necessary to resolve or reduce events that can impact daily operations thus improving efficiency and reducing costs.
Alarm Management Solution (AMS)

Up to 80% of ATG alarms are false, requiring no action at site. AMS features AI capabilities to determine the validity of each alarm and filter out false alarms, reducing maintenance costs without ignoring critical alarms that could impact site operations or threaten compliance.

Compliance Management

Compliance Management automates release detection results and reporting from an ATG. It escalates the compliance status when a passing result is not acquired and provides workflows to track and resolve issues, so every site can meet regulatory guidelines.

Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR)

Leighton O’Brien’s industry-leading fuel loss monitoring software has a leak detection threshold of 0.05 gallons (0.189 litres) per hour, maximising site compliance and reducing cost through fewer investigations.

ATG Change Management

An easy to use tool enabling users to take control of their ATG programming. It verifies critical ATG settings that can impact alarms, compliance and fuel supply and features a simple roll back function for any unauthorized changes.

iAnalyse features advanced analytics for network-level management of wetstock operations. It provides visibility and workflows to optimize fuel site performance by pinpointing exact causes of fuel loss.
Wetstock Live

A wetstock intelligence solution for continuous leak detection, optimized maintenance spend and enhanced operational efficiencies. Analysis of realtime ATG data, transactional sales and docketed delivery data provides unified visibility of leaks and losses, ATG accuracy and functionality, pump flow rates and pump accuracy, delivery validation and real water ingress.

iHUB Dashboard - fuel management platform

Platform features & benefits

  • Realtime data intelligence in one place
  • Single source of the truth
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Heat map & visualization tools
  • Automated workflows & customizable notifications
  • Highest security protocols
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Remote access tools for ATG management

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