Partner Profile: Q&A with Flowco Malaysia


Partner Profile: Q&A with Flowco Malaysia

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Welcome to a new edition of ‘Partner Profile’, where we interview our network of partners around the globe to get to know their business, challenges and opportunities in their region and the value of being a Leighton O’Brien partner. This time, we sat down with Omar Mohamed Said, CEO of Flowco Malaysia, a valued Licensed Service Partner (LSP) for our Tank and Line Testing and Fuel Restoration and Cleaning technology in Malaysia. Read on!



Flowco Malaysia - National Occupational, Safety and Health NOSH Award
The team from Flowco Malaysia, a valued Licensed Service Partner (LSP) of Leighton O’Brien, receiving the  National Council Occupational Safety and Health Award (NCOSH).


Tell us about your business and what Leighton O’Brien technologies you deploy?  

Flowco Malaysia is the leading downstream retail equipment, solutions and maintenance service provider in Malaysia.

We have consistently been the trusted partner of petroleum marketers since 1994.

In addition to our offerings of supply, installation, testing, commissioning, repair and maintenance, we also offer retail automation solutions and analytical services.

We are strategically positioned in the region through our associates and partners in Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong and Guam.

Flowco Malaysia and Leighton O’Brien, along with their technologies, have been collaborative partners since 2005. Our partnership started with Tank and Line testing solutions, and then we invested and embarked on the Tank and Fuel Cleaning Solution in 2018.


What do clients love about Flowco’s work?  

Our experience and technical expertise are unsurpassed anywhere and that helps build the trust and confidence that the oil companies rely upon in providing the best fuel retail experience and assurance of product quality to their customers. We therefore play a critical role in building safer and better fuel stations for our customers and the community.

Our clients highlight:

  • Quality Service: Flowco consistently delivers top-notch service, meeting and often exceeding clients’ expectations. Clients appreciate the commitment to excellence in every aspect of the work.
  • Reliability: Clients trust that Flowco will be there when needed, ensuring that their operations run smoothly.
  • Safety Focus: Clients value Flowco’s strong emphasis on safety. We have just received the prestigious National Council Occupational Safety and Health Award (NCOSH), marking the first time a downstream retail company has earned this esteemed recognition.
  • Integrity and Respect: we treat our clients with honesty, courtesy, and respect. Clients appreciate the integrity and ethical conduct demonstrated in every interaction.
  • Continuous Improvement: Flowco’s dedication to continually improving its services and products aligns with clients’ desire for innovation and efficiency.
The Flowco team performing Tank Integrity Testing at a Petrol Station
The Flowco team performing Tank Integrity Testing at a Petrol Station.


What are the key market drivers for solutions and services in your region?   

  • Petroleum Demand: The demand for petroleum products in Malaysia is a critical market driver for Flowco’s services. Factors such as transportation needs, industrial activity, and consumer behavior can influence this demand.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with government regulations and safety standards in the petroleum industry is essential. Changes in regulations can drive the need for services related to safety, environmental compliance, and equipment maintenance.
  • Petrol Station Expansion: If there is growth in the number of petrol stations in Malaysia, it can create opportunities for Flowco to provide equipment supply, installation, and maintenance services to these new locations.
  • Technology Advancements: Advances in technology, such as automated fuel dispensing systems and payment solutions, can lead to a demand for service providers like Flowco to install and maintain these systems.
  • Environmental Sustainability: An increased focus on environmental sustainability may drive the need for services related to fuel quality, emission control, and environmental compliance in petrol stations.
  • Safety and Security: Ensuring the safety and security of petrol station operations is crucial. Flowco’s services may be in demand to address security concerns, fire safety, and emergency response systems.
  • Maintenance and Repair Needs: The aging of existing petrol station infrastructure can create a demand for maintenance, repair, and renovation services, which Flowco can provide via LOB technology.


Why did you become a Leighton O’Brien Licensed Service Partner, and how has the partnership evolved?     

Our enduring partnership with Leighton O’Brien, a technology partner we trust and rely on, has spanned nearly two decades.

This collaboration commenced with a single product but has since grown to encompass a wide array of services.

In fact, our journey began with tank inspections and has evolved to include services such as line testing, SIRA compliance, tank cleaning, fuel restoration and we are currently in the process of introducing Leighton O’Brien’s Fuel Management Platform.

This partnership grew bigger when Flowco decided to become an exclusive license partner for LOB cleaning solutions across Southeast Asia in March 2023.

Tank Cleaning and Fuel Restoration
Tank Cleaning and Fuel Restoration.


What value and benefits has Flowco derived from the partnership with Leighton O’Brien?  

Flowco has derived numerous benefits from its collaboration with Leighton O’Brien.

By leveraging LOB advanced technology, Flowco has enhanced the quality of services, resulting in high levels of client satisfaction.

Flowco has firmly established itself as the only service provider in the region with the capability to deliver all-encompassing underground solutions to its clients.

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