UST Compliance Testing

Whether you need to meet UST regulatory compliance or suspect an integrity issue such as a fuel leak or water ingress, Leighton O’Brien provides best-in-class precision testing solutions to minimize your risk of tank failure, fuel contamination, EPA fines and clean-up costs.

As a global market leader in EPA-certified testing technology, every day our integrity testing technology is used to test more than 100 tanks, lines, secondary containment and leak detectors for leading fuel retailers, c-stores and commercial applications.

Our integrity testing portfolio includes:

  • Precision tank & line testing for existing fuel sites
  • Pre-bury post-bury testing for new site installations
  • Compliance Plus, a single source testing platform for tanks, lines, containment sumps and leak detectors

Accurate leak detection 

Our tank and line test is US EPA certified as the world’s most accurate test, able to detect every possible leak scenario.

Using a mass-based, volumetric test method, technicians receive a live leak rate, with test data digitally captured and uploaded to our cloud software for engineer-reviewed analysis and reporting, providing a verified test result, every time.

Fast testing means more site uptime

We know time is money, which is why our testing technology is certified to conduct a tank test in just over an hour, a dry line test in 3 minutes and a wet line test in 17.5 minutes.

Our EPA-approved Dri-sump technology can test spill buckets, under dispenser containment and STP sumps in 60 seconds, does not use water and creates zero waste.

It all adds up to fast, accurate, convenient testing solutions that minimize site downtime and keeps your sites leak-free, safe and compliant.

Tank and line testing
Compliance Plus Dri-sump fog in sump

Compliance Plus Dri-sump fog in sump

Compliance Plus Dri-sump app

See how it works

Testing video

Features & benefits

Reduce environmental & safety risk

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your site is free from fuel leaks or vapor releases, avoiding costly violations and fines.

Minimise site downtime

Fast testing capability means less time on your forecourt and more sales inside and outside your store.

Prolong asset lifespan

Tight storage systems prevent water intrusion causing fuel contamination and equipment headaches.

Our testing solutions

Tank & line testing

For existing fuel sites our precision tank and line integrity testing technology provides fast, accurate leak detection with digitally verified results.

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Pre-bury post-bury testing

For new site installations you want to ensure a perfectly tight storage system from day one. We provide certified, accurate testing technology at the pre-bury and post-bury stage.

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Compliance Plus

For complete testing of tanks, lines, containment sumps and leak detectors, Compliance Plus is a single-source digital testing platform that minimizes site downtime and lowers leak risk.

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