Digital Leak Detection

Underground storage tank and line testing services

Leighton O’Brien’s enhanced precision integrity tank and line test is certified to detect leaks equivalent to 0.025 gph (95 ml) – 400 per cent more accurate than the current US required leak detection threshold. There is no fuel leak scenario our test method cannot detect. Our UST testing services ensure there is no need for analogue reporting- we incorporate digital leak detection whereby mass readings are electronically measured, stored and reported. By making the line test fully automated, results are as accurate and reliable as possible- all within a timely manner.    
We can conduct a dry line test in just 3 minutes and a wet line test in 17.5 minutes. The test provides instant technician feedback, enabling quicker onsite diagnosis and resolution of leaks, so we can be off your forecourt faster. Unlike other test methods, our precision integrity test is not impacted by temperature, atmospheric conditions, vapour pockets or ambient noise. And it’s certified and approved according to USEPA protocols.

Why test?

Historically tank and line testing has been used to meet regulatory requirements or because of a problem on site. This approach is changing. The vast majority of Leighton O’Brien integrity testing is now conducted by customers as a preventative measure to stop problems before they happen.

  Customer profile
New to Industry Sites Buying Existing Sites Contractors Installing or repairing equipment Running your sites
Why Test? Testing newly installed sites is your guarantee your UST is 100% tight, eliminating any costly rework of leaks after commissioning Precision integrity testing ensures you’re getting what you’ve paid for Eliminate expensive rework after commissioning and guarantee to your customer their site is 100% tight Our UST testing services are cost-effective, easy, and reliable- so you always know exactly how your underground equipment is performing
Fact We independently detect the smallest leaks in pipes and tanks before you concrete your new site In large samples of the site acquisition testing, up to 20% of tanks and 15% of lines fail Testing will also eliminate costly rework Do you have

  • Phase separation
  • Water ingress to ethanol based fuels
  • Frequent filter changes, blockages, slow flow, pumping issues
  • Losing fuel to ground/suspect product loss
  • Groundwater well contamination

How it works

Our UST testing service is a mass-based, volumetric tightness process that records continuous readings from all parts of the tank and associated lines, providing real time feedback on system integrity.

The Leighton O’Brien advantage

  • Our proprietary tank test technology can detect pressure changes of the smallest liquid movement
  • We can detect a level change of 1/1000mm to identify any loss of fuel system integrity.
  • We can test your storage system in any configuration
  • We can test tanks at any fill level, including empty tanks, with the same high degree of accuracy
  • Testing just tanks is not enough – 90% of new sites we test have a leak in the product lines
  • Our engineers make the final call on results through analysis of digital data to identify leak detection patterns beyond a simple pass or fail

 Why mass based and not vacuum based testing?

  • Although Leighton O’Brien is certified to conduct a test under vacuum, we choose to conduct 99% of our work using a mass-based underfill test – simply because this test method avoids many of the issues that plague vacuum tests and allows clear identification of all leaks for quick repair
  • With vacuum acoustic testing you cannot ‘hear’ a leak no matter how sensitive your equipment if the leak has been sealed by the vacuum force. Eighty-five per cent of ullage leaks will occur in manways, and by exerting a vacuum force of 5PSI (as is standard in some vacuum acoustic tests), a force equivalent to placing a 6.4 tonne weight on the manway is exerted during the test. This force effectively seals any leaks causing a FALSE pass only return when the vacuum is released.
  • Traditionally vacuum acoustic tests don’t diagnose the issue; rather you just receive a pass or fail result. With Leighton O’Brien’s mass based fuel tank test we can advise if liquid is entering or leaving the tank and at what rate, allowing you to accurately assess the next steps.


Why test if you experience phase separation, contamination or free water in your UST?

Symptoms of contaminated fuel in your storage tank, such as phase separation, microbial growth or free water are often a result of a simple integrity issue. There is no value in treating the symptoms without addressing the root cause. Leighton O’Brien’s tank integrity test services will quickly, accurately and quantifiably identify the source any ingress to a fuel system. Our recommended practice in these cases is threefold:


Adding fuel polishing and restoration to our product line through Leighton O’Brien is another valued service to address fuel quality issues. We are extremely pleased with the design and efficiency of the units and provides a professional platform that fits our model well.

Chris Biellier, Vice President
Seneca Companies – Environmental & Waste Solutions Divisions, USA

Leighton O’Brien is integral to our operation. We trust them to provide tank cleaning, testing and monitoring for our petrol stations around Australia. They are a smart engineering and technology company who I highly recommend.

Terry Lunney, Manager – Assets, Facilities, Construction
7-Eleven Stores Pty. Ltd.

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