Is there anything more annoying that pulling up to a gas station and find no fuel?


Is there anything more annoying that pulling up to a gas station and find no fuel?

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Slow flowing pumps - iHUB by Leighton O'Brien
Slow flowing pumps – iHUB by Leighton O’Brien

Is there anything more annoying pulling up to a gas station and seeing a bagged nozzle, unable to get fuel?

Slow flowing pumps causes negative brand impact, reduced sales and can be a leading indicator of a bigger fuel quality problem.

Our flow rate tool in iHUB can filter out the noise to identify flow rate issues, and, through flow trend analysis (not just a snapshot in time), aid preventative maintenance decisions and prioritize repairs.

In a recent example of 140 sites, 70 locations were monitored for flow rate. If it went below 26.5 litres per minute, site operators would replace the filters. The remaining sites were not monitored. The 70 monitored sites saw an increase of 4–6% sales per month. At 757,082 litres per month, the total sales uplift from flow rate monitoring across the 70 locations was 2,649,787 litres, creating more available fueling positions through faster fill times.

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