Live from NACS Show 2022 – Day 1: The desire for change


Live from NACS Show 2022 – Day 1: The desire for change

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The largest show in the fuel industry has finally started!

Would you like to know the key takeaways from the first day? Hear them from our Chief Executive Officer, Chris Cooper and our Chief Revenue Officer, Angela Wisdom:

As Chris said: “The biggest takeaway from today has been the desire for change. We’ve signed up a lot of new customers and our brand has really grown in the last 12 months. People are coming to us to see the developments that we’ve done and how we can help them achieve better results“.

Check out today’s pictures:
  • The Leighton O’Brien crew at NACS 2022
  • Joy Milam, Angela Wisdom & Julie Patino from the Leighton O’Brien’s sales team
  • Julie Patino with Zeeshan Matin from EG
  • Behind the scenes: Sally, Jeff, Clay, Peter & Seb did an amazing work getting the booth ready for our visitors
  • Leighton O’Brien’s booth 7107 at NACS Show 2022
The Leighton O'Brien crew at NACS Show 2022
Our team at NACS Show 2022: Joy Milam, Angela Wisdom & Julie Patino
Julie Patino with Zeeshan Matin from EG
The team working on the booth setup
Leighton O'Brien booth 7107 at NACS Show 2022

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