Wetstock Services

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Loss investigation management

Leighton O’Brien has a well-defined and highly effective Loss Investigation Management process to identify the cause of fuel loss trends and recommend appropriate action.

We achieve high resolution and closure rates on fuel system issues while maintaining a balance between risk and holistic business costs.

Stage 1 

An investigation is carried out for non-physical losses via an administration audit which covers items such as storage configuration, reconciliation practices, staff changes and pump communication issues. We also check ATG alarms.

Stage 2

Involves a visual inspection for leaks and meter accuracy checking carried out by your nominated field contractors using our checklist. We then analyze results to determine whether to close or escalate the investigation.

Stage 3 

Involves a precision tank and line test for the suspect fuel system. All actions undertaken are recorded to provide a complete site history record of investigation actions and close outs.

Tank calibration & strapping chart creation

Tank Gauge Calibration (TGC) is the foundation of accurate wetstock management. Seventy per cent of tanks globally have a tank chart calibration error of 1% or greater. This impacts retailers by creating false loss or gain variances which are often written off in accounting as the cost of business.

Unfortunately tank chart errors hide real operational issues and preventable loss like delivery losses, meter drift, pilferage and leaks.

Our comprehensive services include remotely detecting tank chart errors, creating new tank charts for ATG and manual dip sites, remotely updating the ATG’s tank charts and validating that the tank chart has been applied correctly.

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