Fuel Retailers & C-Stores: Take our pop quiz on fuel quality management


Fuel Retailers & C-Stores: Take our pop quiz on fuel quality management

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36% of UST’s contain some degree of fuel contamination at the bottom of the tank. Are you serving your customers the highest quality fuel and getting the best service from your fuel cleaning supplier? Find out by taking our quick pop quiz. Does your current provider:

  1. Have a patented process that allows ~80% of cleaning locations to remain open and fueling while fuel cleaning takes place – saving you lost revenue both inside and outside your C-store?
  2. Produce the least amount of waste per clean, reducing both waste disposal charges and filter costs while not driving away with the customers fuel?
  3. Use a fuel cleaning process that does not spread or disperse particulates, sediment, fungi or bacteria?
  4. Properly apply Biobor biocide for shocking contaminated fuel and routine maintenance post fuel cleaning?
  5. Restore octane affected fuel to sellable condition?
  6. Ensure your pump flow rates operate at peak levels?
  7. Provide a detailed final fuel cleaning report and digital record of their service?
  8. Offer you proactive versus reactive programs and pricing, and a flexible service – appropriate for your tank?
  9. Provide the highest industry safety standards with a certified lead cleaner and safety helper?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of the above, then you’re being short-changed. Leighton O’Brien has the largest fuel cleaning network throughout the USA, and we are the only company with a patented holding tank – meaning we return 100% of fuel to tank after cleaning.

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