National fuel retailer avoided $56,000 in dispatch costs in 3 months


National fuel retailer avoided $56,000 in dispatch costs in 3 months

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Is your fuel business burdened with maintenance cost blowouts and struggling to manage alarms effectively? Learn how a national fuel retailer avoided $56,000 in dispatch costs and reduced alarms by 21% in 3 months alone.

The Challenge:

A fuel retailer with 600 sites approached us seeking a solution to leverage their ATG infrastructure investment, improve their response to alarms and be able to manage alarms remotely, while reducing maintenance expenses and improving their compliance rate.

Our Solution:

Our team stepped in and implemented our iHUB fuel management platform, including the modules iComply SIR, iAlert Alarm Management and iReplenish Inventory & Forecasting. This allowed our client to standardize data and promptly address priority alarms while remotely managing less critical ones.

Key Outcomes: 
  • 21.3% reduction in alarms within just 3 months – from 1,332 to 1,049.
  • Based on a $200 service callout fee, our client avoided paying $56,300 in 3 months.
  •  A compliance rate of 97%.
  • Boosted onsite staff efficiency, targeted maintenance activities, and optimized hardware management.
  • Integration of high-quality data back into business processes via SAP API for enhanced supply chain management
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Infographic showing the results and the impact of this case study

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