Leighton O’Brien USA signs dealership agreement with Conidia FUELSTAT®


Leighton O’Brien USA signs dealership agreement with Conidia FUELSTAT®

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Houston, Texas, 11 May, 2017 – Leighton O’Brien today announced a US sales distribution agreement with Conidia Biocience Ltd, manufacturers of FUELSTAT®, the latest technology in microbial contamination detection in middle distillate fuels.

Fuelstat® complement’s Leighton O’Brien’s patented fuel cleaning and polishing services and improves fuel quality testing and treatment strategies for the fuel cleaning and polishing industry.

“Through this partnership, we can expand our product and service offering to enhance our portfolio of market-leading technologies,” said Jeff Davis, President of Leighton O’Brien USA. “We can now offer our customers the best onsite diesel fuel quality test. The FUELSTAT® PLUS diesel fuel test is ASTM D8070 compliant to determine the presence of fungi, bacteria and diesel bugs in 10 minutes.

“This partnership will enable our customers to properly detect and treat diesel fuel quality issues at a significantly reduced cost when compared to older methods on the market. If you can use an eye-dropper, you can now test your diesel fuel in minutes,” he said.

Conidia Bioscience Ltd. Global Sales and Marketing Director, Patrick Taylor said, “The partnership with Leighton O’Brien will enable customers and PEI service providers to test diesel fuel in minutes for the presence of fungi, bacteria and diesel bugs.

“The FUELSTAT® Plus microbial fuel test eliminates not only the 5 to 10 day wait period of some other test methods, cross contamination and false results, it reduces overall treatment costs for the customer and asset damage risk. This summer, Conidia will launch our mobile application allowing fuel test results to be transmitted to a secure cloud based database within seconds of the test results.”

Leighton O’Brien CEO, Reed Leighton said, “The U.S. fuel cleaning and polishing market continues to evolve and our partnership with Conidia will give customers an effective tool in determining the proper treatment to address fuel quality issues.

Leighton O’Brien will clean more than 2,500 tanks globally with our patented technology. The U.S. has become our largest fuel cleaning and polishing market over the last three years and we welcome this new innovative product from Conidia, which is truly a world class company.”



About Conidia Bioscience

Conidia Bioscience develops, manufactures and sell fuel tests into aviation, marine and land diesel sectors globally. Their  tests detects microbiological contamination using a fast, easy to use platform that gives results in minutes. The most recent addition to their product range, FUELSTAT® resinae PLUS used across all markets is growing rapidly. FUELSTAT® resinae PLUS is ASTM D8070 compliant and endorsed with IATA recommendation and  appears in the Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, BAE Systems, Fokker and Raytheon maintenance manuals. In the land diesel sector, Conidia aims to emulate its success in aviation and become the global market leader in fast, easy to use fuel testing.


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