Leighton O’Brien Expands Global UST Testing Footprint into Africa


Leighton O’Brien Expands Global UST Testing Footprint into Africa

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Leighton O’Brien has expanded its global environmental risk management technologies into Southern Africa following an expanded Licensed Service Partnership with underground storage tank monitoring specialist, PetroMonitor.

PetroMonitor will now deliver the world’s most accurate EPA-certified precision tank and line testing technologies to customers throughout the South African market, which complements PetroMonitor’s suite of existing Leighton O’Brien technologies including wetstock management, tank cleaning and fuel restoration.

Leighton O’Brien’s head of International Distributors, Jason Park, said Leighton O’Brien’s enhanced testing technology will enable PetroMonitor to achieve the fastest, most accurate leak detection for their customers.

“Modern fuel formulations are changing the rules for fuel retailers in terms of preserving the lifecycle of their storage tank asset,” he said. “Major oil companies need to ensure the integrity of their equipment by testing with the best technology available and third-party review to ensure their tank systems are 100 per cent tight, preventing water ingress that can cause biological activity, accelerated corrosion and contaminated product unfit for sale.

“In addition, Leighton O’Brien’s Pre-Bury Post-Bury installation test is EPA-certified to detect ullage leaks equivalent to 95ml/hr, making it 400 per cent more accurate than current leak detection thresholds.

“Our experience in testing thousands of new installations indicates 90 per cent of remodelled or new sites that pass a pressure gauge test have an issue like small leaks from pipes and fittings,” he said.

CEO of PetroMonitor, Bryan Bartley, said: “Leighton O’Brien’s precision test is far superior to vacuum test methods which are less accurate and can therefore miss leaks, and also damage tanks.

“The valuable expertise and support from Leighton O’Brien is outstanding,” he said. “We look to continuing our long-standing relationship to ensure our clients benefit from the world’s best precision testing technology.”

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