Leighton O’Brien expands US fuel cleaning network with SPATCO Energy Solutions


Leighton O’Brien expands US fuel cleaning network with SPATCO Energy Solutions

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SPATCO Energy Solutions, a leading supplier of liquid handling equipment and service for the petroleum industry, has expanded its solutions suite following an extended agreement with Leighton O’Brien to deliver its patented fuel cleaning and polishing technology.

The agreement expands SPATCO’s suite of Leighton O’Brien’s technologies including UST compliance testing. SPATCO will launch its first fuel cleaning and polishing system in September 2020 to service customers in the North and South Carolina region. Fuel cleaning and polishing services will be conducted by fully trained and safety certified technicians and supported by expert fuel data analysis and comprehensive reporting by Leighton O’Brien’s qualified analysts.

“This expanded partnership will enable SPATCO customers to resolve fuel quality and water intrusion issues, malfunctioning dispensers, submersible pumps, automatic tank gauges, blocked filters, bacterial growth, diesel bugs and phase separation,” said John Force, VP-Technical Services at SPATCO Energy Solutions.

“With hurricane season here, UST systems are exposed to potential increased integrity risk and water intrusion. With Leighton O’Brien’s best-in-class precision tank and line testing, fuel quality monitoring and cleaning technologies, we’re well equipped to assist our customers ensure their fueling infrastructure is hurricane ready,” he said.

Leighton O’Brien Vice President of Fuel Cleaning and Polishing, Brian Solomon, said: “This partnership expands our national network of 20 fuel cleaning distributor service locations, confirming our market position as the largest fuel cleaning company throughout the Unites States.

“We’re thrilled to extend our partnership with SPATCO. Our patented process produces the least amount of waste, returns 99% of customers’ product to their tank, does not agitate and suspend sediment, bacteria or water into the fuel, and in most cases sites can remain open for business during the cleaning process,” he said.



About Spatco
SPATCO Energy Solutions is proud to continue expanding its relationship with Leighton O’Brien by becoming an authorized distributor of its fuel cleaning and polishing technologies. Since joining the Leighton O’Brien family, SPATCO has found the company to have strong analytical technologies that support the tank and line compliance efforts of SPATCO’s customers. Advanced fuel cleaning and polishing is a natural next step as SPATCO continues to broaden is portfolio of services to retail and commercial fueling sites throughout the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Gulf Coast regions of the United States.

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