Leighton O’Brien Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response


Leighton O’Brien Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

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To:  Our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders

Leighton O’Brien has developed a rigorous response plan in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic to protect our staff, help stop the spread of COVID-19 and ensure business continuity.

These measures include:  

  • Ongoing communication and advice to all staff regarding hygiene practices, general precautions, travel policy and the latest COVID-19 information from official Government sources.
  • International travel for all Leighton O’Brien staff has been banned for the duration of the pandemic. As per the Federal Government’s advisory, any staff member currently overseas and returning to Australia will be required to self-isolate for 14 days. Any interstate travel is restricted to critical trips only and requires authorisation from the CEO or COO.
  • Where possible, the vast majority of LOB staff will be working remotely from home in the forseeable future. As a global organisation with a dispersed workforce, our staff have full capability to work remotely. This includes complete and secure access to our network/systems, video conferencing tools and digital records, thus ensuring business continuity and continuing high levels of service.
  • While Leighton O’Brien’s corporate head office will remain open for the time being, additional standards of sanitisation have been adopted. Social distancing will also be practised, including no external visitors allowed to enter the premises and minimal contact with other organisations in the building.
  • In addition to implementing Leighton O’Brien’s usual high standards for health and safety, Leighton O’Brien site technicians are following official government advisories regarding hygiene practices. Technicians are also able to work at a site without close contact with any on-premise staff.

Leighton O’Brien will continue to closely monitor this rapidly evolving situation and will adapt and amend our response plan accordingly.

Patrick Ramsden
Chief Operating Officer
Leighton O’Brien

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