Exclusive Industry Report: Top 10 UST NOVs (2022)

Exclusive Industry Report: Top 10 UST NOVs (2022)

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Understand the Real Risks and Costs

For convenience store and fuel retail leaders managing compliance, it can be tempting to focus primarily on underground storage tank (UST) leaks. A single significant UST release can result in multiple serious notices of violation (NOV) from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and ultimately generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines .

While this is true, the reality is that such extreme scenarios are uncommon. In fact, actual releases from USTs did not rank among the top 10 most common causes of nearly 125,000 open NOVs in October 2022, based on a detailed analysis of EPA data for five representative U.S. states.

To manage compliance with confidence, it is critical to take a holistic approach. Failure to manage all key areas effectively creates the potential for compliance violations, including the top 10 NOVs documented in this exclusive analysis. Understanding the most common reasons for NOVs can provide valuable insights into key risks and challenges facing C-store compliance leaders today.

eBook content includes:

  • Top 10 EPA UST NOVs
  • Violation quantities by type
  • Severity scale and cost to resolve
  • Potential penalties
  • Costs of non-compliance
  • Best practices to manage compliance with confidence
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