Is Your Fuel Management Software Giving You Everything You Need?

Is Your Fuel Management Software Giving You Everything You Need?


Perform Better – Sneak Peek into iHUB

As a fuel executive, we know you’re required to do more with less, often using multiple software systems to manage all aspects of your business.

Whether it’s clearing NOVs, keeping stores wet, reducing truck rolls, repairing equipment, or minimizing fuel write offs – all while having to meet budget and maximize fuel margins.

How do you improve, manage and report all these moving pieces?

Our iHUB fuel management platform collects and centralizes your existing data in real time, giving you the tools to remotely see, act on and resolve a myriad of events across UST compliance, wetstock management, fuel supply and site asset management.

iHUB has helped our customers achieve:

  • 83% fuel loss improvement and direct savings of $6.7 million over 2 years
  • $908,900 reduction in maintenance costs through remote issues resolution
  • 6% sales increase from faster fill times and better fueling experience
  • 83% of ATG alarms mitigated to avoid dispatch
  • fuel variance reduction totalling 8 million gallons

If you’re feeling frustration with your existing software provider, or just want to do things better, take a peek inside #iHUB via this short video.

Backed by decades of expertise and trusted by leading c-stores globally, iHUB provides rich data intelligence to enable you to achieve higher ROI for your business.

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iHUB Fuel Management Platform

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