Leighton O’Brien partners with Apex to offer most accurate UST leak detection to Middle East region


Leighton O’Brien partners with Apex to offer most accurate UST leak detection to Middle East region

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Leighton O’Brien has established a market presence in the Middle East following a Licensed Service Partnership with Apex Mechanical Engineering L.L.C in Oman.

Apex will deliver the world’s most accurate and fastest EPA-certified precision tank and line testing technologies to the Middle East region. The addition of Leighton O’Brien’s integrity testing technology complements Apex’s service suite including the supply, installation and maintenance of fueling equipment.

Apex CEO Mr Imad Mouawad said: “We are delighted to partner with Leighton O’Brien in the sultanate of Oman to offer tank and line testing solutions. The technology developed by a leading and certified company will add value to the existing infrastructure of our oil company customers and enhance Apex’s service offerings to the market.

“Fuel retailers in Oman will be able to meet stringent internal environmental requirements by adopting global best practice leak detection technologies.”

APEX Deputy General Manager Zubin Mathew said: “We are very pleased to sign up with Leighton O’Brien as our partner for fuel line and tank testing with a solution adopted by major oil companies globally. We aim to implement Leighton O’Brien’s market-leading technology at all fuel stations in the Sultanate of Oman. Special thanks to the Leighton O’Brien team for their tremendous support to make it a success.”

Leighton O’Brien Business Development Manager for the Middle East & Northern Africa, Munir Azizullah said: “Oman’s fuel retail market is one the most advanced in terms of adopting innovative technologies in the Middle East.

“The government of Oman has set high standards for environmental protection and we are excited to partner with a best-in-class service provider in Apex Mechanical Engineering LLC, who have decades of service and maintenance experience which is second to none.

“There is very strong interest among national and global oil companies in the region for our leak detection and fuel restoration technologies. I am confident our partnership with Apex will gradually expand our coverage beyond Oman into Iraq and Lebanon,” he said.



About Apex

Apex Mechanical Engineering L.L.C was established in 1990 in the Sultanate of Oman. Apex specializes in electro-mechanical works and dedicated to carry out services, maintenance and equipment supply to retail fuel companies. Apex also provides high quality, reliable and robust products and equipment.

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