Leighton O’Brien inks deal with Diversified Energy Supply for Compliance & Alarm Management solutions


Leighton O’Brien inks deal with Diversified Energy Supply for Compliance & Alarm Management solutions

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Diversified Energy Supply for Compliance & Alarm Management solutions

Orlando, Florida – 2 June, 2022 – Leighton O’Brien has signed an agreement with Georgia-based Diversified Energy Supply to deploy its ATG Compliance and Alarm Management software for its customers for automated environmental compliance and effective ATG alarm response.

Diversified Energy Supply is a leading fuel supplier operating in 40 states providing consolidated, technology-driven energy supply solutions to its bulk fuel and mobile refueling customers.

Diversified will deploy Leighton O’Brien’s Compliance tool as part of its iHUB solution to help customers track and manage all aspects of leak detection to meet EPA regulatory requirements. Diversified will also implement Alarm Management to monitor and filter out false alarms and resolve real alarm issues via workflows to ensure minimal site disruptions or shutdowns.

“We pride ourselves on helping our customers reduce the complexity in their operations,” said Randy Grizzle, Director of Business Development at Diversified Energy Supply. “Bringing Leighton O’Brien’s software and services into our portfolio enables us to add significant value to our customers by managing their compliance needs and handling their alarm issues simply, effectively and professionally.

“We evaluated a number of solutions and determined that Leighton O’Brien’s platform best fit our requirements. From a user perspective, it’s a very clean solution, with data, reports and document storage all housed in one place.

“But it’s not just about the technology,” he said. “Having the expertise of Leighton O’Brien’s team on our side from a technical and service perspective is a real advantage and aligns with our key values around commitment to the success of our customers, competency through performance excellence, and customer satisfaction.”

“It’s rewarding to work with a forward-thinking business with leading-edge technology at its core to drive significant value and efficiencies for their customers’ fuel operations,” said Angela Wisdom, Chief Revenue Officer at Leighton O’Brien.

“We’re thrilled to have Diversified on board and look forward to helping their customers simplify, automate and centralize their environmental compliance and alarm activity.”

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