Leighton O’Brien and General Energy-Management Systems expand partnership to deliver leading wetstock monitoring solution to the Indian subcontinent


Leighton O’Brien and General Energy-Management Systems expand partnership to deliver leading wetstock monitoring solution to the Indian subcontinent

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Indian fuel retailers will be able to better monitor every site in their network for fuel leaks and loss, fuel quality and equipment performance via an end-to-end solution following a partnership expansion between Leighton O’Brien and energy industry solutions provider General Energy–Management Systems Pvt. Ltd. (GEM’s).

The extended partnership builds on the success of GEM’s UST integrity testing and fuel cleaning program using Leighton O’Brien’s best-in-class technology. Now customers can also benefit from the industry’s only certified real-time wetstock monitoring solution, Wetstock Live, which features smart water ingress alarm, dispenser flow rate performance monitoring, and tank health alarms via sticky ATG probe to protect retailers from commercial, environmental and reputational risk.

Leighton O’Brien Global President of Wetstock, Greg Salverson, said: “GEM’s has decades of experience providing products and services to the energy sector. They understand the issues that are occurring at site and see the value in Wetstock Live as a solution to those problems.

“With more than 60,000 sites in the market and large oil companies operating a complex network, Wetstock Live’s meter drift alarms and reporting help protect oil companies from falling outside of compliance or losing fuel via the dispenser,” he said. “There is also an increasing focus on leak detection to protect the environment and minimize profit loss. Wetstock Live provides a centralized and certified leak detection solution to monitor the entire UST from the delivery fill point to the dispenser.”

The solution can flexibly be delivered via a Software as a Service (SaaS) model to operate within the client’s existing team or as a service whereby Leighton O’Brien’s experienced analysts operate Wetstock Live on behalf GEM’s clients as an extension of their team.

Managing Director of GEM’s, Mr. Umesh Whig said: “Adding Wetstock Live is a natural progression of our partnership to meet customer requirements to monitor every site, every tank and each dispenser nozzle in real time,” he said. “Leighton O’Brien’s suite of remote wetstock monitoring and onsite testing and cleaning technology means we can offer our customers a comprehensive solution suite that leads environmental best practice to reduce risk while optimising fuel system assets.

“Leighton O’Brien enables oil companies to implement a global wetstock management program based on real-time data for leak detection, maintenance and operations, providing real-time leak alerts, pump speed accuracy, water in tanks and ATG restrapping programs.”



About General Energy – Management Systems Pvt. Ltd.
General Energy-Management Systems Pvt. Limited (GEM’s) was established in 1999 with the purpose of providing state of the art forecourt solutions to the retail petroleum sector. Working with some of the most innovative companies, General Energy-Management Systems Pvt. Limited has emerged at the forefront as a single source of provider of advanced solutions to the retail petroleum industry. With 18 offices and over 810 people spread across the length and breadth of the Indian sub-continent, General Energy-Management Systems Pvt. Limited provides sales and marketing, product distribution, fuel quality management, loss prevention, manufacturing and engineering projects. In every aspect of operations, General Energy-Management Systems Pvt. Limited is driven with laser sharp focus to sincerely and energetically exceed client’s expectations.

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