Global Fuel Retailer Gains Efficiencies, Improves Compliance with Advanced Wetstock Analytics


Global Fuel Retailer Gains Efficiencies, Improves Compliance with Advanced Wetstock Analytics

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For fuel retailers with a national or multinational footprint, standardizing wetstock managemeng practices is key to driving operational efficiencies, reduce compliance risk and achieve higher ROI.

In this case study, learn how a global fuel retailer in North America began exploring new technologies to improve environmental compliance, inventory management, and ATG alarm response capabilities.

Seeking a solution that could offer real-time visibility enterprise-wide, round-the-clock alarm response management, and advanced trend analysis, the company quickly identified Leighton O’Brien as a promising potential partner.

To establish proof of concept ahead of a wider rollout, the company initiated a North American pilot project. After defining key performance metrics, the company implemented an integrated suite of iHUB fuel management tools including Inventory, Compliance and Alarm Management.

The company quickly realized numerous key benefits including a unified, real-time view of compliance status across all sites, enabling managers to consistently meet regulatory requirements and quickly identify and address any potential concerns.

Superior alarm management also soon paid off, with huge volumes of alarms being assessed and prioritized, resulting in many dozens of duplicate, false, or low-priority alarms being resolved automatically or remotely, and only 14% of Priority 1 alarms requiring technician dispatch.

The solution also detected numerous non-compliant ATG settings and was able to correct them without incident, potentially avoiding a violation or fuel runout.


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