Leighton O’Brien expands African footprint with Fueltec Zimbabwe partnership


Leighton O’Brien expands African footprint with Fueltec Zimbabwe partnership

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Fueltec ZimbabweLeighton O’Brien has partnered with Fueltec Zimbabwe to provide its market-leading UST leak detection testing and fuel cleaning technologies to oil companies in Southern Africa.

The partnership signals further market penetration on the African continent for Leighton O’Brien, with partners also in South Africa and Ghana. Fueltec will add Leighton O’Brien’s UST testing and fuel restorations solutions to its product portfolio, providing its retail customers with accurate, digital leak detection and an advanced cleaning process to remediate contaminated fuel to pristine condition.

Fueltec is a leading supplier of fueling equipment and service provision in Zimbabwe, working with major oil companies in the region.

“We’re pleased to add Leighton O’Brien’s world-class testing and cleaning solutions to our portfolio,” said Bernard Garwe Managing Director of Fueltec. “We were very impressed with their technology, in particular their certified digital tank test which diagnoses 100% of leaks and at what rate, unlike other non-volumetric acoustic test methods that miss sealed leaks and just provide a pass or fail result.”

“In addition, their advanced cleaning solution will enable our customers to resolve fuel quality and water intrusion issues, malfunctioning equipment, blocked filters, bacterial growth,
diesel bugs and phase separation,” he said.

“We are excited about the possibilities a long term partnership between Fueltec and Leighton O’Brien will bring,” said Kiran Maharaj, Business Development Manager (Africa) for Leighton O’Brien.

“Zimbabwe is an emerging market with growing environmental regulation. Fueltec has a strong industry reputation and market presence, as well as deep customer relationships and very capable management and technical teams,  which makes them an ideal partner in this growing region.”

Mr Garwe said both companies were exploring significant market development opportunities.

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