FuelHub appoints Leighton O’Brien as channel partner for Pay-Term Optimization solution


FuelHub appoints Leighton O’Brien as channel partner for Pay-Term Optimization solution

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LOB and FuelHub team

Houston, Texas – 29 April, 2022 – Leighton O’Brien and FuelHub, a leading managed service provider for bulk fuel buyers, today announced a channel partnership whereby Leighton O’Brien will integrate FuelHub’s Pay-Term Optimization program into its solutions portfolio.

In addition, as part of the partnership agreement, FuelHuB will provide managed services for customers utilizing Leighton O’Brien’s Fuel Replenishment and Environmental Compliance SaaS solutions including Inventory and Forecasting, Logistics, Reconciliation, Alarm and Compliance Management, all on its iHUB platform.

FuelHub has deep experience in supply chain optimization, fuel operations (management) and invoice reconciliation. Its Pay-Term Optimization program, which launched in February 2022 with a major US financial institution, improves customers’ cash flow by extending pay terms up to 45 days for fuel buyers and fast-tracking payment to their suppliers as fast as next day. PTO enables fuel buyers to increase their supply options, generate more competitive pricing and reduce the administrative burden of invoice reconciliation.

FuelHub’s experienced personnel will act as an extension of customers’ teams, providing end-to-end services to validate, monitor, and track fuel purchasing, consumption and reconciliation, ensuring sites receive the right amount of fuel at the right time at the right price. From a compliance perspective FuelHub will manage regulatory events such as testing, permits, inspections and NOVs, with results tracking, documentation storage, and comprehensive reporting.

“We’re excited to partner with a like-minded company in FuelHub,” said Angela Wisdom, Chief Revenue Officer of Leighton O’Brien. “Pay-Term Optimiziation is a synergistic fit in our overall portfolio in terms of reducing environmental and financial risk for fuel buyers by providing payment flexibility and optimizing cash flow.

“PTO is a particularly valuable solution given current economic headwinds including the increasing cost of capital due to rising interest rates and greater fuel supply chain volatility which is driving up gas prices,” she said. “Customers on the program are insulated from cash flow concerns and risk exposure amid these challenging market dynamics.”

“FuelHub’s service expertise in the fuel supply chain is unparalleled,” she continued. “We’re thrilled to be able to provide their capabilities to our software customers requiring comprehensive support, outstanding service and operational excellence.”

“We are delighted to be at the forefront of our collaborative efforts with Leighton O’Brien,” said Don Thibodeaux, Chief Executive Officer of FuelHub. “By combining our collective expertise, capabilities, and products, we are well positioned to drive operational efficiencies, reduce risk exposure, and increase overall savings for fuel buyers.”



About FuelHub  
FuelHub is a Fourth-Party Logistics provider (4PL) for bulk-fuel buyers, with deep experience in supply, logistics, invoice reconciliation, and technology. We integrate all the resources, capabilities, and technology of your fuel supply chain to optimize your operations and add to your bottom line. We operate in more than 100 cities throughout the US and Canada, and over 6.4 Billion gallons of fuel have been sourced, managed, delivered and invoiced under our management.

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