Leighton O’Brien seeks to expand global fuel restoration licensed partner network in Europe


Leighton O’Brien seeks to expand global fuel restoration licensed partner network in Europe

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Leighton O’Brien, a leading fuel software and field technologies provider, is seeking to aggressively grow its fuel cleaning network throughout Europe to meet requirements among fuel retailers and commercial fuel operators for fuel restoration solutions that resolve fuel quality issues including water ingress, microbial growth and phase separation.

Regional Director for EMEA Region, Munir Azizullah, said upcoming regulation in Eastern Europe, the push for cleaner fuel standards, the impact of low sulfur fuels and ageing storage systems is driving demand for the fuel cleaning services market.

“We’re very interested in talking to companies that may offer fuel maintenance or waste management services and adding a high-value technology that can not only generate synergistic revenue but grow sales of their core services,” he said.

“We believe we have the most advanced tank cleaning and fuel restoration solution on the market. Our patented system can clean a fuel tank upto 5 microns in 4 hours with the product remaining in the tank, and does not require manned entry.

“We’re the environmental compliance and fuel quality experts. We have more than 25 years’ experience in the fuel retail industry, with our partners cleaning more than 2,500 tank systems annually. We’ve witnessed our global cleaning volumes increase by more than 25% in the last 12 months alone and have the largest fuel cleaning network in the United States.

“Our data indicates 36 per cent of underground storage tanks contain some form of contamination at the bottom of the tank. Customers realise that if left untreated, it can add up to lost sales, poor customer experience, higher maintenance costs, reduced asset value and reputational damage.

“The model we use is to deliver our cleaning solution ‘glocally’. We provide the technology, data analysis and reporting platform and partners provide the local relationships and field labour,” he said.

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