Crompco becomes Leighton O’Brien’s newest Fuel Cleaning Distributor


Crompco becomes Leighton O’Brien’s newest Fuel Cleaning Distributor

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24 August, 2017 – CROMPCO, known as one of the USA’s leaders in UST inspection, compliance, testing, construction and their exclusive AccuMeasure services, and global tank and fuel management company Leighton O’Brien today announced the Distributorship of Leighton O’Brien’s patented fuel cleaning and polishing services.

The fuel cleaning and polishing services will officially launch the first of three systems in October. CROMPCO will deliver Leighton O’Brien’s market-leading fuel cleaning and polishing technology to its clients. The service will be conducted by fully trained and safety certified CROMPCO technicians and supported by expert fuel data analysis and comprehensive reporting by Leighton O’Brien’s highly qualified analysts.

“Through this partnership, we can expand our presence and enhance our services portfolio by leveraging Leighton O’Brien’s market-leading technologies,” said Bob Dee, President of CROMPCO. “We can now offer our customers Leighton O’Brien’s patented fuel cleaning and polishing for underground and aboveground storage systems. Fuel cleaning and polishing fits within our existing service business and will increase revenue and help differentiate and enhance our overall service offering,” he said.

Leighton O’Brien President Jeff Davis said: “This partnership will enable CROMPCO customers to address fuel quality and water intrusion issues, malfunctioning dispensers, submersible pumps, automatic tank gauges, blocked filters, bacterial growth, diesel bugs and phase separation. Our fuel cleaning technology is complementary to CROMPCO’s business model and go to market strategy.

“Unlike other tank cleaning companies, our patenteed design and three-stage fuel cleaning process returns the customer’s fuel to pristine quality while quantifying the waste and contamination removed from sites to assist our customers with inventory reconciliation adjustments and reduce their overall cost.”

Leighton O’Brien CEO, Reed Leighton said: “With our US fuel cleaning distributor growth, Leighton O’Brien will clean more than 2,500 tanks globally. Our patented systems are designed in Australia and built in the US. The US has become our largest fuel cleaning and polishing market over the last three years with the support of highly qualified PEI distributors and service companies,” he said.



CROMPCO provides a comprehensive array of services to all forms of organizations that utilize underground and aboveground storage tank systems. We specialize in site inspection, UST testing and management, tank cleaning, construction services, vault data management services and CROMPCO’S exclusive AccuMeasure service, designed to assist retail and commercial fueling facilities more accurately control potential fuel shrink. CROMPCO has more than 200 staff, 90 service vehicles and more than 30 years industry experience. We perform work in a professional, productive, safe and environmentally sensitive manner while safeguarding the public, customers and our employees.

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