Leighton O’Brien launches Centre of Excellence in Ghana, Africa


Leighton O’Brien launches Centre of Excellence in Ghana, Africa

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Accra, Ghana, 15 December, 2021 – Leighton O’Brien, in collaboration with Universal Engineering & Consultancy Services, has launched a Centre of Excellence in Ghana that will provide local resources, support and training to enhance and expand service delivery for oil marketing companies (OMCs) in the region.

The shared facility will be based at Universal Engineering’s headquarters in Accra, Ghana, whereby Leighton O’Brien will employ and train local professionals to provide ‘on the ground’ sales and technical support, training and report writing services for Universal’s extensive fuel retail client base.

Chief Revenue Officer at Leighton O’Brien, Angela Wisdom, said the Centre of Excellence reflected the company’s commitment to the region and focus on providing best-practice testing, cleaning and fuel management software and services in partnership with Universal Engineering.

“Our investment in Ghana is testament to the burgeoning growth opportunities in the region, particularly as environmental regulation and automation gather pace, with fuel retailers looking for service and system efficiencies for maintenance, compliance and inventory management.

“The Centre of Excellence will make a huge difference to our joint capability to deliver critical support in terms of technical expertise and quick turnaround of reports for existing clients, and provide a springboard for further growth opportunities.

“Universal Engineering is a trusted, recognized service provider with a strong industry reputation. We’re extremely proud to collaborate with them to launch this facility,” Ms Wisdom said.

Universal Managing Director Richard Atalobra said: “As we look to expand our services in other African countries, support in a local time zone will be critical. The Centre of Excellence provides a platform to move at an accelerated rate in other markets such as Togo, Burkina Faso, Liberia and Sierra Leone while optimizing our capabilities for our existing client base.”

Universal Engineering is a key Licensed Service Partner of Leighton O’Brien, providing comprehensive installation, equipment maintenance, environmental compliance and fuel cleaning services for the country’s major fuel retailers.

Using Leighton O’Brien’s leak detection testing technology, Universal is completing an integrity testing program comprising more than 1,800 sites throughout Ghana for the National Petroleum Authority, which aims to develop a comprehensive database of test dates and UST status for compliance monitoring and follow up testing.




About Universal Engineering

Universal Engineering (UECSL) began its journey in 2003 with a team of technical experts with various years of experience in the petroleum industry. One of the largest independent Petroleum Service providers in Ghana, providing a one stop solution to the challenges facing Oil Marketers. The company is headquartered in Accra, Ghana and has its operations and Service Centers in all ten (10) regions of Ghana. UECSL currently has a total work force of 160+, comprising Engineers, Technicians, Marketing, Finance and Administration.


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