A great summary of 2022 by our CEO Chris Cooper


A great summary of 2022 by our CEO Chris Cooper

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2022 was an amazing year, where we saw a reinvented product portfolio, channel to market to new customers and partners additions around the globe.

✅ We’ve released significant new tools within our iHUB fuel management platform, tailoring our solution to customers seeking a true return on their investment.

✅ Our local Australian service business has experienced a record year, as we’ve expanded our offering further before testing, cleaning and systems maintenance.

✅ Through our partnerships, we’ve substantially grown our US compliance business positioning our company and our partners as the go-to providers when it comes to UST compliance.

What’s next? We are on an exciting path to 2023, with new product releases coming soon and valuable content that we’ll be publishing, such as a detailed analysis of the USA compliance violations in conjunction with the US EPA which will be released in January.

Watch the full video to find out all about it:


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