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NACS/PEI show  – Leighton O’Brien to showcase integrated SIR and ATG compliance solutions

NACS/PEI show – Leighton O’Brien to showcase integrated SIR and ATG compliance solutions

Leighton O’Brien will demonstrate its integrated SIR and ATG compliance solutions, new installation testing and fuel restoration technologies at NACS/PEI show 2018 – booth #7463.

Leighton O’Brien CEO Reed Leighton said many fuel retailers are burdened by different compliance options within their network, meaning fragmented and inefficient data collection and compliance reporting.

“Networks also using different brands of ATGs means different polling solutions have to be used,” he said. “To solve this onerous problem, Leighton O’Brien is showcasing an integrated solution that brings all compliance data onto one reporting platform.

“You can view our SIR analysis – certified as among the most accurate in release detection – and data and alarms from all brands of ATGs in real time, all in one place.

“It makes compliance reporting for both SPA and non-SPA states simple, quick and easy.

“Fuel retailers can do away with expensive data collection devices and costly ATG upgrades at site,” Reed said. “In addition, our SIR and ATG polling software can be configured as a bundled offer.

“So if fuel retailers are currently paying two vendors, there is an opportunity for a better deal,” he said.

“Beyond compliance, we’ll also be showcasing our Wetstock Live management platform which can rapidly restrap gauges, improve pump flow rates and meter dispensing accuracy and verify deliveries all in real time.

“Wetstock Live can also better manage water events and slash maintenance costs through smart alarms that negate false alarms,” he said.

Leighton O’Brien will also be demonstrating its suite of new installation testing and fuel restoration technologies.

Leighton O’Brien’s Pre-Bury Post-Bury installation test is EPA-certified to detect ullage leaks equivalent to a 0.025 gph, making it 400 per cent more accurate than current leak detection thresholds.

“Our experience in testing thousands of new installations indicates 90 per cent of remodelled or new sites that pass a pressure gauge test have an issue like small leaks from pipes and fittings,” Reed said. “Why would you spend huge amounts of money to replace an old tank system with a new tank system that leaks?”

Leighton O’Brien will also be showcasing it’s market-leading tank cleaning and fuel polishing system at the show.

“Water management in a low sulfur world and preventative maintenance is the name of the game for fuel retailers today,” Reed said. “Our patented system enables customers to address fuel quality and water intrusion issues, malfunctioning dispensers, submersible pumps, ATGs, blocked filters, bacterial growth, diesel bugs and phase separation.

“We’re actively seeking new distributors to partner with the world’s biggest fuel polishing company and testing business outside the US,” he said. “Our superior testing technology, training, expert analysis, reporting and lower program cost is a compelling proposition for PEI distributors.”

Visit Leighton O’Brien at booth #7463 at NACS/PEI show on 8 – 10 October 2018 at Las Vegas Convention Centre.

03.10.2018 – by Leighton O'Brien
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Leighton O’Brien delivers on every level. They beat the competition on accuracy, they deliver support and innovation that matches our own and they help us make a difference in our sector.

Keith Bevan, Group Business Development Manager
Suresite Group, UK

Adding fuel polishing and restoration to our product line through Leighton O’Brien is another valued service to address fuel quality issues. We are extremely pleased with the design and efficiency of the units and provides a professional platform that fits our model well.

Chris Biellier, Vice President
Seneca Companies – Environmental & Waste Solutions Divisions, USA

Leighton O’Brien is integral to our operation. We trust them to provide tank cleaning, testing and monitoring for our petrol stations around Australia. They are a smart engineering and technology company who I highly recommend.

Terry Lunney, Manager – Assets, Facilities, Construction
7-Eleven Stores Pty. Ltd.

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