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If you are looking to reduce compliance complexity, search no more. Our software and technologies help fuel retailers organize, centralize and simplify your approach to compliance management – in one place.

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iHUB - Fuel Management Platform

See, act and resolve compliance events on one platform

As a Compliance Manager, how do you keep up to date with various state regulations? How do you budget for and quickly resolve what wasn’t planned for, such as leaks or compliance-driven maintenance events? And how do you go from “Bare minimum, so I don’t get fined” to “How proactive can I be to fix an issue before it’s a problem?”

We have the 27 years’ experience and solutions to help you manage all aspects of compliance on one platform. Our iHUB software provides complete visibility into all compliance requirements, with customizable notifications, escalations and workflows to track and manage compliance events and timelines, with easy integration with 3rd party test vendors/systems.

In addition, our fuel asset tracking tool provides a central system of record and document storage including warranties, installation date, tank materials and age to meet compliance requirements and assess risk.

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iHUB Compliance tools

Compliance Management iHUB
Compliance Management

Compliance Management automates release detection results and reporting from an ATG. It escalates the compliance status when a passing result is not acquired and provides workflows to track and resolve issues, so every site can meet regulatory guidelines.

SIR Compliance iHUB
Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR)

Leighton O’Brien’s industry-leading fuel loss monitoring software has a leak detection threshold of 0.05 gallons (0.189 litres) per hour, maximising site compliance and reducing cost through fewer investigations.

Inventory Variance iHUB Compliance
Inventory Variance

This module features proactive workflows to identify issues and fuel variance enabling fuel retailers to maintain loss control based on state requirements. It also serves as a record keeping tool to identify accounting loss.

Alarm management iHUB compliance
Alarm Management

Up to 80% of ATG alarms are false, requiring no action at site. AMS features AI capabilities to determine the validity of each alarm and filter out false alarms, reducing maintenance costs without ignoring critical alarms that could impact site operations or threaten compliance.

Fuel Asset Tracker iHUB compliance
Fuel Asset Tracker

This module enables centralized document storage and tracking of fuel system components including tanks, pumps, equipment and dispensers. It allows fuel retailers to identify trends in asset reliability and repair costs and assist with technician and vendor management and maintenance invoicing.

Event Tracker iHUB Compliance
Event Tracker

Event Tracker provides access to customizable notifications, workflows and reporting to track compliance events such as testing, permits, inspections and NOVs, with easy integration with third party test vendors.

Compliance Plus by Leighton O'Brien

Compliance Plus: Fast, accurate, digital

Compliance Plus integrates 3 best-in-class technologies into a single-source digital platform, bringing the UST compliance testing market into the digital age.

Dri-sump testing in particular has gained strong traction as a better alternative to conventional hydrostatic testing. It uses no water, creates zero waste and will find leaks other water-based methods can’t, quicker, more accurately and conveniently.

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Precision Tank & Line Testing
  • The world’s fastest, most accurate line leak detection
  • Wet line test is 17.5 mins, dry line is 3 mins
  • 3rd party engineer-reviewed results
  • Can perform both pressure & vacuum testing & all line conditions can be tested
Dri-Sump logo
Containment Tightness Test
  • Uses lasers & aerosol fog to find & pinpoint leaks
  • Spill buckets, under dispenser containment and STP sumps can all be tested in 1 minute
  • Does not use water and creates zero waste
  • Regulatory acceptance in 49 states
Vaporless Logo
Line Leak Detector Test
  •  Variable orifice to dial in a true 3 gph leak at 10 psi for any viscosity product
  • Cuts test time from 25 mins to 7-10 mins
  • Certified to test all catastrophic line leak detectors
  • Can test any manufacturer’s pip
Leighton O'Brien US Partners

USA Partner Network

Leighton O’Brien’s network of high quality partners around the globe have the expertise to assist fuel retailers with UST compliance and fuel management requirements.

In the United States, we have over 40  partners who use our technologies every day to enable their customers to stay in compliance.

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Having your compliance, alarm and wetstock data in one place and being able to see holistically what’s happening at your site will lead to staying in compliance, reducing business risk and being more efficient.

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