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Leighton O’Brien is a growing global brand, with more than 70 licensed service partners around the globe. Our partnerships are based on mutual growth and benefit. We believe the core of good business is built on relationships, not just product, and we value the highest standards in quality and service.

Increasing environmental regulation and oil company imperatives for forecourt optimisation and extending the life of their storage tank assets is driving significant market growth of our wetstock management, tank testing and cleaning technologies. We’re actively seeking to expand our global partner network.

Prospective Licensed Service Partners

Field Partner – tank and line integrity testing and tank cleaning

  • Well established business that provides equipment/services to one or more of the major oil retailers/distributors in your region

  • Has strong relationships with service and construction managers at major oil retails/distributors and can provide national service coverage

  • Employ a team a field engineers and technicians who regularly attend service stations for maintenance or installation work

  • Committed to the highest safety standards

  • Often distribute major brands of equipment

  • Has solid technical leadership in petroleum equipment and services

  • Has a professional reputation in your market

Software Partner – Wetstock Live

  • A petroleum technology company with expertise in ATGs, POS, FCC and ideally data collection devices for local market protocols

  • Provides technology solutions to and strong relationships with major petroleum retailers in your region

  • Preferably knowledge of environmental regulations for operating underground storage tanks

  • Established sales, marketing and infrastructure capability

  • Technology excellence and commitment to innovation

  • A commitment to strong customer service with 24/7 call centre support

  • Strong brand awareness and market presence

Why become a Leighton O’Brien Partner?

  • Join a growing, independent network with high quality partners around the globe

  • Significant commercial opportunities to generate both a new revenue stream and drive demand for your core offering

  • Strong relationships with international and regional oil companies including Chevron, Exxon, Shell, BP and Total

  • Access to our unrivalled IP and the industry’s latest and best technology

  • Intimate knowledge of local regulations and extensive experience working with regulators to develop and support environmental requirements

  • Strong support program through ongoing training, marketing, customer engagement and 24 hour global technical support

  • Commitment to profitable, long term relationships and growth in your market


‘We searched globally for a partner that could support our Wetstock service operation. We need a company that would be flexible enough to support our market and not just apply a fixed global approach, we needed them to be supportive of our ideas and also creative enough to suggest ideas of their own, and we also needed to know that they were the best we could find. Leighton O’Brien deliver on every level, they beat the competition on accuracy, they deliver support and innovation that matches our own and they help us make a difference in our sector. In addition to all that they support they do it with values such as openness, friendliness and integrity.’

Keith Bevan Group Business Development Manager Suresite Group UK

‘Kwong Ngee Engineering (KNE) started our relationship with Leighton O’Brien for tank and line integrity testing in early 2000. The initial contact between Leighton O’Brien and KNE was warm and with that we started to build our partnership. When KNE secured the first test in Singapore it was evident that the Leighton O’Brien team was competent and ready to provide all the technical and hardware to train and equip our technicians to complete the first test efficiently and effectively. From then on the Leighton O’Brien-KNE partnership has grown from strength to strength, thanks to the supportive LOB team.’

Loke Ngee Director Kwong Ngee Engineering Singapore

‘With service coverage of 14 States across the mid-continent United States, Seneca, in its continued growth and needs of its customers was seeing an ever growing concern and need for solutions to address fuel quality issues our customers were experiencing.  Knowing that the issues associated with ULSD and ethanol blended fuels carried with new them new challenges, adding fuel polishing and restoration to our product line was another valued service to meet these needs.  We knew in order to provide the highest quality service available we then began the vetting process of solicitation of existing technologies to either purchase or partner with.  The timing was right and when approached by LOB and realised their design was cutting edge and practical, we began the partnership with LOB in 2014. Since acquiring our first two units and seeing the market growth at a fast pace, we had decided to make arrangements for a 3rd and 4th unit for delivery in 2016.  We are extremely pleased with design and efficiency of the units and provides a professional platform that fits our model well.’

Chris Biellier Vice President Seneca Companies – Environmental & Waste Solutions Divisions USA

Operational model

Leighton O'Brien Operational Model for Testing, Cleaning & Wetstock Live Services

Global locations

Adding fuel polishing and restoration to our product line through Leighton O’Brien is another valued service to address fuel quality issues. We are extremely pleased with the design and efficiency of the units and provides a professional platform that fits our model well.

Chris Biellier, Vice President
Seneca Companies – Environmental & Waste Solutions Divisions, USA

Leighton O’Brien is integral to our operation. We trust them to provide tank cleaning, testing and monitoring for our petrol stations around Australia. They are a smart engineering and technology company who I highly recommend.

Terry Lunney, Manager – Assets, Facilities, Construction
7-Eleven Stores Pty. Ltd.

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