Advanced Analytics and Deep Insights Deliver Real-World Results

Advanced Analytics and Deep Insights Deliver Real-World Results

Global Fuel Retailer Gains Efficiencies, Improves Compliance with Advanced Wetstock Analytics

Seeking to improve on its incumbent wetstock solution in North America, a global fuel retailer began exploring new technologies to improve environmental compliance, inventory management, and ATG alarm response capabilities. With holistic visibility and advanced data analytics, the company hoped to proactively gain insights and identify trends impacting their network, rather than merely reacting to incidents. Another driving concern for the company was meeting specific regulatory requirements in California, which required more advanced capabilities and specific expertise.

Seeking a solution that could offer real-time visibility enterprise-wide, round-the-clock alarm response management, and advanced trend analysis, the company quickly identified Leighton O’Brien as a promising potential partner. To establish proof of concept ahead of a wider rollout, the company initiated a pilot project at 15 North American locations. After defining key performance metrics for the pilot, the company implemented an integrated suite of iHUB fuel management tools:

  • iComply: Compliance management solution with automated release detection, reporting aligned to U.S. EPA UST regulations, configurable workflows, event tracking (tests, permits, inspections), and document storage.
  • iAlert: Alarm management solution, including 24/7 monitoring by ATG and ICC certified professionals, in-station diagnostic (ISD) alarm response and resolution, AI-powered false alarm filtering, and ATG configuration and change management.
  • iReplenish: Inventory management solution providing real-time visibility of current wetstock levels, proactive avoidance of runouts and retains, integration of alarm data, and optimization of delivery scheduling.

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