Simple contamination risk assessment

Groundwater Monitoring – Australia only

Leaks from underground storage tanks or spills on the forecourt pose one of the biggest sources of groundwater contamination. Not only can it cause huge environmental damage, it can result in massive clean-up costs, huge fines and even law suits – if the contamination goes beyond your site.

Regulations in NSW and Victoria require storage tank operators to take all practicable measures to prevent pollution. As well as mandatory leak detection systems like SIRA, under NSW guidelines site operators must have groundwater monitoring wells installed and monitored every six months. In Victoria, operators required to undertake groundwater monitoring if the site is sensitive.

At Leighton O’Brien, we believe any responsible fuel retailer sitting on thousands of litres of underground fuel should know the potential for groundwater contamination both on your site/s and neighbouring properties – which opens up huge liability concerns.

Reducing your site’s environmental liability and keeping groundwater monitoring records also increases the value of your asset should you wish to sell down the track.

As the market leader in leak detection solutions, we offer a comprehensive groundwater quality assessment service that can help you:

  • Understand your groundwater monitoring obligations
  • Determine if your site is sensitive using an experienced hydrogeologist*
  • Establish a baseline of groundwater quality
  • Assess your site for the presence of groundwater contamination

*Applicable in Victoria only

How it works

  • We conduct a site assessment to establish the location and condition of your groundwater monitoring wells
  • Gauge the depth to water and check for any petroleum product residing on top of the water
  • If a layer of petroleum is present, a sample will be collected, noting the colour and thickness in the bailer
  • Provide a comprehensive, easy to interpret report with recommendations for further action (if any)
  • Where no further action is required, develop an ongoing groundwater sampling and quality management plan
  • Where further action is required, develop a plan to identify, contain and remediate the contamination – and meet compliance obligations
  • Waste generated during the collection of samples is removed from site and disposed of appropriately

The Leighton O’Brien advantage

  • Price competitive: We understand the financial pressures of operating a UPSS combined with regulatory compliance, hence we guarantee competitive rates
  • Expertise: We have more than two decades of experience monitoring and identifying leaks in underground fuel tanks and our experienced team can help to mitigate contamination events
  • Quality service: Comprehensive quality assurance, quality control on every site visit and every report
  • Practical approach: Dedicated, responsive customer service to guide you through the groundwater process

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