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Leighton O’Brien signs Wetstock Monitoring Partner for Eastern Europe

Melbourne, Australia, 16 September 2016 –- Leighton O’Brien, a leading fuel software and field technologies company, today announced a new Licensed Software Partner agreement with Romanian retail petroleum data specialist Intuit Management for wetstock management throughout Eastern Europe.

Intuit will become Leighton O’Brien’s exclusive Licensed Software Partner for Leighton O’Brien’s leading Wetstock Live solution, a comprehensive real-time wetstock monitoring, analytics and reporting platform which monitors real-time transactional data feeds from all brands of dispensing pumps and ATGs as well as delivery information which is fed into an elegant analytics platform.

The agreement follows on from the highly successful UNITI expo, which, according to Reed Leighton, CEO of Leighton O’Brien, generated significant interest and advanced partner discussions for its wetstock management platform.

“We’re very pleased to announce this first Licensed Software Partnership marking our entry into the Eastern European market, which is a key part of our growth strategy to operate through valued third parties,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Intuit presents an ideal business partner profile for our wetstock management software. We were very impressed with Intuit’s capabilities and expertise. Their team has significant experience in the region delivering projects or solutions for almost all of Eastern Europe’s major oil retail customers, either independently or by leading the regional commercial and technical activities of global technology manufacturers.

Liviu Dinu, General Manager at Intuit Management said: “Regionally oil companies are looking for solutions to reduce the risk of leaks, comply with environmental regulations and increase profits. More importantly they want a wetstock vendor that offers solutions to meet clients’ requirements rather than solutions that just sell more hardware.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to introduce in the Eastern European market what we strongly believe to be the superior technology in wetstock management, in terms of value, ease of use, and total cost of ownership.

“Our experience from previous customer engagements indicates that a reliable and vendor agnostic technology, proven in the field not just in internal demos, is exactly what most of our customers find lacking, and we are confident and eager to rollout Leighton O’Brien’s wetstock solution benefits for our customers.

“Leighton O’Brien is globally recognised as an industry leader, certified to detect leaks of only 4.5 liters per day with greater accuracy than other regional solutions.

“Their independence was also a key consideration. As they do not sell ATGs, dispensers, STPs, piping or other equipment they’re committed to providing accurate, transparent and independent measurement of hardware performance to our clients so they can make informed decisions.

Mr Leighton said both companies were progressing market development opportunities and expect to announce some customer pilots in the coming months.



About Intuit Management

Intuit Management is a solution and service company, serving and operating at a regional level across mainly South Eastern Europe and Mediterranean Region, based in Bucharest, Romania.  The team has strong experience in oil and gas retail projects, ranging from solution design, development, deployment and maintenance of regional large-scale solutions, with experience delivering projects in complex customer environments (with over +500 stations, across several countries). Our strong expertise across all retail operations flows is driving our goal to become the customers’ trusted point for introducing technologies intended to improve the operational efficiency and return on assets employed. – go to http://www.intuit-management.com/

16.09.2016 – by Leighton O'Brien
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Adding fuel polishing and restoration to our product line through Leighton O’Brien is another valued service to address fuel quality issues. We are extremely pleased with the design and efficiency of the units and provides a professional platform that fits our model well.

Chris Biellier, Vice President
Seneca Companies – Environmental & Waste Solutions Divisions, USA

Leighton O’Brien is integral to our operation. We trust them to provide tank cleaning, testing and monitoring for our petrol stations around Australia. They are a smart engineering and technology company who I highly recommend.

Terry Lunney, Manager – Assets, Facilities, Construction
7-Eleven Stores Pty. Ltd.

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