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Leighton O’Brien announces Licensed Service Partnership with AC Corporation

Melbourne, Australia, 9 March 2017 — Leighton O’Brien today announced a new Licensed Service Partnership (LSP) with AC Corporation, the Philippines’ leading maintenance service provider to the petroleum retail industry.

AC Corporation will deliver Leighton O’Brien’s US EPA-certified leak detection and wetstock monitoring technologies for customers seeking to reduce their risk of leaks, achieve the highest environmental compliance and manage their networks efficiently and cost effectively.

Leighton O’Brien CEO Reed Leighton said the partnership will enable AC Corp’s customers to achieve the fastest, most accurate leak detection, with 100% independent third party engineer-reviewed results.

“In an increasingly competitive market petroleum retailers are focused on how to reduce fuel losses, centralise reporting and manage their growing network in a scalable way.”

Reuben M. Valerio, Chairman and CEO from AC Corporation said: “We were attracted to Leighton O’Brien’s reputation and strong track record in the region for the accuracy, consistency and portability of its tank and line testing technology adopted by many oil majors.

“Leighton O’Brien’s technologies will help our customers manage their sites more efficiently based on certified US EPA leak detection without significant capital expenditure.

“What was also appealing was the flexibility of Wetstock Live as a high value solution tailored to customer requirements, from fully automated to manual dip sites. We’re keen to explore a host of other benefits that will enhance our clients’ retail operations including ATG re-strapping, pump flow rates, detection of water ingress and delivery validation.”

Mr. Leighton said both companies were progressing significant market development opportunities.



About AC Corporation

AC Corporation is a leader for specialized engineering and software solutions throughout Asia. Throughout its more than 20-year history, AC Corporation has been a leader in developing technologies and in converting those technologies for use in commercial markets. AC Corporation has successfully built upon its pioneering tradition to become a technology leader.

09.03.2017 – by Leighton O'Brien
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